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Java Technology
The Mobile Service Architecture Initiative
New JSR-compliant Products Expected by 2006 Holiday Season

John Muhlner, Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) Platform Marketing Manager at Sun, recently shared his views on the Mobile Service Architecture (MSA). Muhlner serves on the expert groups currently at work defining the MSA within the Java Community Process - Java Specification Requests (JSRs) 248 and 249.

Computer Technology Takes to the Road
Siemens VDO Automotive, BMW Raise the Stakes in Auto Infotainment
Looking for the latest in mobile computer technology? Steven Meloan, in an article hosted on the Sun Developer Web site, suggests you will find it in the automobile. Siemens VDO Automotive and BMW, he reports, have equipped the BMW 7, 6 and 5 series cars with Top Level Architecture (TLA), Java technology-based software enabling location-based services, web services and multimedia functionality with offerings good for the automobile's life.
Sun Dedicates Staff to Development of Apache Derby
Database Supports Java Platform, Micro Edition

Sun has thrown its support behind the release of Apache Derby from the Apache Foundation. According to a report by Martin LaMonica on CNET, Sun will dedicate staff to work on the project at Apache, assisting its advancement since multiple vendors are required for an Apache project to be considered truly viable.

Solaris 10 OS Training and Certification
Overview of Course Options Available from Sun
The popularity of the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) is necessitating more training courses and certification exams. Sun is answering this demand with the creation of intermediate and advanced Solaris 10 OS courses in multiple training delivery options so users can learn how to maximize the benefits of this innovative operating system and advance their career opportunities.
Save 15 Percent Off Sun's Live Virtual Classes
Master Solaris 10 OS, Java, Sun Fire Administration and More
Sign up for one of Sun's Live Virtual Classes now through December 31, 2005, and receive 15 percent off the regular purchase price. Enjoy the efficiencies of online learning with the interaction of a live instructor while mastering technologies such as the Solaris 10 Operating System, Java programming language, Sun Fire servers and more.
N1 Grid Service Provisioning System 5.0 Training Course
Learn How to Configure and Deploy this New Sun Software
The Sun N1 Service Provisioning System simplifies application lifecycle management by rapidly provisioning business services that span multiple tiers across heterogeneous environments. To learn the best methods in deploying and configuring the latest version of this Sun software, register for a new instructor-led course that teaches these techniques and others.
Sun Offers Eligible Partners Free Sun Ultra 20 Workstation
Offer Available Under "Ten Moves Ahead" Partner Initiative
Under its "Ten Moves Ahead," Partner Initiative, Sun is offering a free Sun Ultra 20 Workstation complete with Sun Studio 10 software, Java development tools and Visual MainWin for UNIX Software Development Kit (SDK) for one developer. The offering also includes three months of basic support from Mainsoft (valued at USD$4,395).
VMware Virtualization Infrastructure Software Available on Sun Systems
Agreement Expands Customer Data Center Virtualization Options
Sun has reached an agreement with VMware that will allow it to deliver the full line of server virtualization capabilities developed by VMware on its Sun Fire x64 (x86, 64-bit) servers and the Sun StorEdge 6920 storage arrays.
Sun Offers Channel Partners Sales Force Training
Program Features Self-assessment, Accreditation

Sun is offering the same training materials and methodologies used in training its direct sales force to channel partners under a program designed to bring them "up to speed" in their transactions with customers. This program is available in parts of Australia with plans to include the entire country and to expand it to New Zealand as well.

Cambex Joins Sun iForce Partner Program
Move to Help Customers Migrate from IBM to Sun Open System Servers
Cambex, a supplier of solutions for optimizing storage network productivity and application performance, has become a Sun iForce Partner and will provide mainframe rehosting solutions and services on SPARC-based Sun Fire servers to its enterprise customers. This new alliance will liberate mainframe customers who now can benefit from the economies possible with Sun and Cambex's open systems servers.
Trusted Solaris 8 2/04 Operating Environment
For SPARC and x86 System Platforms
Trusted Solaris 8 2/04 was released to general availability on July 26, 2005. Based on Solaris 8 2/04, this release supports both x86 systems, SPARC systems and systems based on the Sun UltraSPARC IV processors. This release of Trusted Solaris includes added hardware support for multiple Sun Fire servers.
Solaris 10 3/05 HW1 Operating System
Release Offers Versatility, Investment Protection

The Solaris 10 3/05 HW1 Operating System (Solaris OS) is based on Solaris 10 3/05 but with support added for new and future Sun platforms. Sun recommends using only the Solaris 10 3/05 HW1 media to install those new systems and continue using the original Solaris 10 release for all other hardware.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Release Now Available from Sun
Sun Continues Offering Customers Platforms of Choice

The newly released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 is being offered by Sun, giving customers a choice of operating systems and platforms for flexibility in deployment and development with investment protection. The standard distributions of Linux that Sun offers will be tightly integrated with the Sun Java Enterprise System.

AMR Research Finds Surging Interest in RFID
Vendor Field Lacks a Leader, Survey Notes

The one point of industry-wide agreement on RFID is that the technology and the reception it is receiving are both in considerable flux. Even as more companies seriously entertain thoughts of implementing the technology, other researchers predict an imminent shift in the direction the technology will take [14855].

    RFID Technology Due for a Change from Tags and Readers
    ABI Research Sees Software Driving Data Usage as Key

    Just as RFID technology was firmly stamping its identity onto the public's consciousness, the industry appears due for a radical change. At least this is how things look to ABI Research, which makes the claim that the focus will soon shift from the familiar "tags and readers" to the software.

    Easing the Burden of Regulatory Compliance
    Sun StorEdge 5310 Compliance Archiving System

    IDC's Worldwide Disk Storage Systems Forecast and Analysis predicts storage capacity requirements will increase by 54 percent this year and continue to double every 18 to 24 months. To meet this growing demand, Sun has provided customers with a solution, the Sun StorEdge 5310 Compliance Archiving System, that solves enterprise data retention and management requirements.

    Sun StorEdge 6920 System Earns Excellent Ratings
    eWeek Reviews Sun's Latest Addition
    eWeek's Senior Analyst Henry Baltazar recently reviewed the Sun StorEdge 6920 System, concluding this system is the ideal backbone for large to mid-sized companies to support their enterprise storage systems. The lowest rating this Sun solution achieved was "good" for its interoperability, manageability and data protection, while it earned "excellent" in scalability and upgradability.
    Lower Price Tag for the Sun StorEdge 5210 NAS Appliance
    Compelling Network Attached Storage Value for Workgroups
    Sun has repriced the Sun StorEdge 5210 NAS Appliance, keeping this solution competitive in the workgroup NAS market. This entry-level network attached storage server is ideally suited for departments, workgroups, distributed enterprises and small- to medium-sized companies with UNIX or Microsoft network environments.
    End of Life for the Sun StorEdge 6120 Arrays
    Sun Recommends Sun StorEdge 6130 Array as Replacement

    With the Sun StorEdge 6130 array on the market that offers advanced data protection, round-the-clock availability, application-oriented management and modular, pay-as-you-grow scalability and flexibility, Sun has decided to end production on the Sun StorEdge 6120 array. Its last order date is scheduled for October 28, 2005.

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