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Java Technology
Asynchronous JavaScript Technology and XML (AJAX)
Creating Dynamic Web Applications

Greg Murray writes about how users can take advantage of the advances in JavaScript programming language and cascading style sheets (CSS) to create dynamic web applications that will work on all the major browsers without requiring plug-ins or relying on browser-specific features.

"AJAX Auto-Completion Custom JSF Component: Design Details"
Generic Component Can Show Completion Results for All Data
Wishing to introduce readers to the versatility of Asynchronous JavaScript Technology and XML (AJAX), Tor Norbye has written about the design of a customized auto-completion JavaServer Faces component. This generic component can be used to show completion results for any type of data, using a method called "to return completion results."
Free and Open Source S/W
OpenSolaris User Groups Key to Project's Success
Developers Respond Enthusiastically to Sun's Open Source Project
Developers are responding enthusiastically to the OpenSolaris project as is evident in the activity seen since Sun released the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) source code in June. User groups, like the Front Range OpenSolaris User Group, are emerging worldwide where users can collaborate and help drive this project in the direction most beneficial for the community.
Acquiring and Building the Source Code for OpenSolaris
Article Offers Basic Compilation and Installation Methods

Rich Teer has written a pair of articles for the open source community on putting OpenSolaris to work. In his first article, he discusses how to acquire and build the source code, providing both the necessary background information and describing a basic compilation and installation.

Connecting the Office Suite to a MySQL Database
Wizard Makes Combination Easy and Effective
Readers interested in the possibility of using the combined power of the office suite and the MySQL database to perform such tasks as generating personalized sales letters from stored customer data will find Rob Reilly's suggestions in an article hosted on News Forge of considerable value.
Nevada Development Community Gearing Up
Open Source Effort Focuses on OS/Net Developers

Even as users are learning to exploit the capabilities of the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS), the OpenSolaris Community is hard at work on developing Nevada, which is Sun's code name for the next release of the Solaris OS.

Mozilla Foundation Spawns Mozilla Corporation
Subsidiary to Further Parent Foundation's Methods, Goals
The Mozilla Corporation, newly formed as a wholly owned subsidiary by its parent organization the Mozilla Foundation, will focus on developing and delivering end-user products. This new entity is expected to generate revenue; however, the Mozilla Corporation only intends to pursue those activities that fit with the Mozilla project's focus.
Enterprise Grid Alliance Defines Security Requirements
Guidelines for Security Practitioners to Evaluate and Manage Risk
The Enterprise Grid Alliance, an open consortium focused on developing and promoting enterprise grid solutions, has just released its Enterprise Grid Security Requirements document, providing users with information for evaluating and making informed risk management decisions as they deploy enterprise grids.
Sun Partner Programs to be Realigned to Meet Growth Strategies
Adjustments Aimed at Improving ROI
Meeting last week with solution partners at Access Distribution's New Frontiers Conference, Rich Napolitano, president of Sun's U.S. sales organization, announced that plans are underway to change partner programs as a means of improving its ROI with individual solution providers. Sun plans to meet several times with its partner advisory councils to develop the new programs.
    Inner Circle Logistics, Sun Sign Auto ID and Data Capture Pact
    Goal is Turnkey RFID-enabled Solution
    Sun and Inner Circle Logistics Inc. (ICLogistics) are at work on a joint auto identification and data capture (AIDC) project that will marry ICLogistics' Scarborough Fair, web services and RFID capability with Sun hardware and web services to deliver a turnkey RFID-enabled solution that will exceed the already demanding requirements set by Wal-Mart and the U.S. Department of Defense.
    PolarLake Integration Suite on the Solaris 10 Operating System
    Enables Incremental Integration at Reduced TCO
    PolarLake has made its PolarLake Integration Suite available on the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS), which will enable organizations to deliver incremental integration projects and automate complex business processes on the high performance, high availability operating system that has demonstrated its capability for use in mission critical computing.
    Sun Adds Interwoven Enterprise Content Management Platform
    Collaboration Delivers End-to-end Data Management Solution
    With its agreement to resell the Interwoven Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform in conjunction with its own Sun Java Enterprise System software and associated hardware, Sun has positioned itself as a provider of complete end-to-end systems for governments, enterprises and service providers.
    Sun, NOL Group Launch Advanced Technology Center in Singapore
    Tests RFID Technology, Applications in 'Live' Supply Chain Setting
    The newly opened NOL-Sun Advanced Technology Center in Singapore, supported in part by the Singapore Infocomm Development Authority (IDA), features up-to-date testing facilities for evaluating RFID technology and applications in a live supply chain environment.
      "Solaris 10 OS As a SIP Server"
      Exploring Some of the Features Bundled with the Release
      Among its many virtues, the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) can be run as a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) server, using the MySQL database, which comes bundled with the Solaris 10 OS release, for persistence. Authors Ezhilan Narasimhan, Mayank Gupta, Prameet Chhabra demonstrate this use of the Solaris 10 OS and more.
      Reflections on the Sun Java Studio Creator 2 Early Access
      An Enthusiastic Response from a Practiced Hand
      Dick Wall, lead systems engineer at NewEnergy Associates, is a veteran user of the Sun Java Studio Creator and recently expressed his delight with Sun Java Studio Creator 2.0 Early Access (EA). He found this release has smoothed the learning curve that faced every casual user of a fully Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE)-capable IDE.
      Tools to Support Popular AJAX
      Sun, Microsoft, TIBCO Get on the Bandwagon
      Sun has thrown its hat into the Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) ring with Sun Java Studio Creator 2.0, which will support AJAX via a component library, allowing users to build interactive web applications with a combination of HTML, JavaScript and XMLHTTP. Darryl K. Taft surveyed the developments involving AJAX for eWeek.
      Installing and Configuring Sun Cluster 3.1 09/04 Software
      Solution Provides a New Key to High-availability Systems
      Given the increasing need for 24x7 availability of mission-critical applications and the limiting factor that clean reboots impose on system availability, the capability of Sun Cluster 3.1 software to migrate from server to server eliminates the single-machine reboots and system downtime.
      Automating Setup, Management of Sun Fire V20z, V40z Servers
      Sun BluePrints OnLine Paper Shows Steps Toward Automation

      Typically, users setting up the Sun Fire V20z and Sun Fire V40z servers perform the tasks of service processor setup, service processor management, and server (BIOS) and service processor firmware updates manually. Jacques Bessoudo shows how these steps can be automated in his Sun BluePrints OnLine paper. He details the steps for creating scripts for the automation of these tasks and running them in parallel on multiple systems.

      "N1 Grid Engine 6: Accounting and Reporting Console"
      Features and Functions of this Monitoring and Reporting Tool

      The Accounting and Reporting Console (ARCO), an exclusive feature of the Sun's N1 Grid Engine software, is a module that collects and analyzes details of usage on the grid, enabling administrators to maximize utilization of compute resources. The white paper examines the capabilities and features of the tool.

      Case Study on Migrating to Sun's N1 Grid Engine Software
      Sun Solution Fares Well Against Platform Computing's Load Sharing Facility
      Kirk Patton of Transmeta and Omar Hassaine of Sun have written about Transmeta's migration from Platform Computing's Load Sharing Facility (LSF 4.0.1) to the Sun's N1Grid Engine 6 software. This paper hosted on the Sun BigAdmin Web site covers comparison of the respective feature sets of both solutions and more.
      "System Administration Guide: Security Services"
      Security Features of the Solaris 10 Operating System

      "System Administration Guide: Security Services" is part of a multivolume set that covers a significant part of the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) administration information. System administrators and interested users of the Solaris OS security features are the targeted audience for this online book.

      "Toward Systemically Secure IT Architectures"
      Taking a Building Block Approach to System Security

      Glenn M. Brunette, Jr. and Christoph L. Schuba prescribe an architectural approach to secure systems in their paper from the WET ICE 2005 meeting in Sweden. The authors recommend using a building block approach and a focus on iterative refinement that enterprises can use to transform legacy deployments.

      Survey Finds Executives Regard Identity Management Key to Compliance
      Segregation of Duties Called One of Top Challenges

      At the bidding of PricewaterhouseCoopers and Sun, Forrester Consulting conducted a survey of 152 executives of North American companies with more than USD$750 million in annual revenues. All were queried concerning their view of how well their company was positioning its compliance program with respect to the need to reduce cost and increase efficiency in the management of compliance across multiple sets of regulations.

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