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Ciena Corporation Selects Sun Fire V20z for EDA Application
Yields Four-fold Improvement in Design, Testing Cycles
The search ended for Ciena Corporation when it selected the Sun Fire V20z server to replace the proprietary blade system it had been using for the electronic design automation (EDA) implementation that produced its ADSL2+ telecommunications solutions. The Sun implementation accelerated the time to design and test the solutions by a factor of four.
"Implementing Bono's Wish: An IDC Case Study"
Sun Delivers In-concert System to Enroll Fan Support for Africa
Art and science came together in support of a humanitarian cause recently when DATA, a Sun partner, enlisted Sun technology in the effort to register support of Bono's campaign to mobilize world opinion toward alleviating debt in African nations, the spread of AIDS and unfair trade practices that lock the third world into its unfavorable status.
MT mediaLib for Chip MultiThreaded (CMT) Processors
Provides Brief but Detailed View of Processor Design, VIS Technology
In their detailed and well annotated paper "MT mediaLib for Chip MultiThreaded (CMT) Processors," Liang He and Harlan McGhan of Sun's Scalable Systems Group consider the path to the development of this technology, noting the impact of competing technologies and the strengths of their subject technology.
Java Technology
JavaServer Faces and Web Application Development
Developer Test Drives Sun Java Studio Creator

The Sun Java Studio Creator recently was taken on test drive by Boeing developer Steve Small, who wanted to experience first-hand how quickly a web application could be built using this IDE that is based on JavaServer Faces. His goal was to complete a JavaServer Faces web application with a deployable WAR that can communicate with an employee database.

Tech Talk on JavaServer Faces
Co-specification Lead Craig McClanahan Shares His Views

A tech talk sponsored by interviewed Sun Senior Staff Engineer Craig McClanahan about the latest developments with JavaServer Faces. McClanahan is co-specification lead of Sun's JavaServer Faces 1.0 as well as Sun's technical lead on the Tomcat server container and primary developer of the Apache Struts MVC Framework.

"Beginning J2ME: From Novice to Professional, 3rd Edition"
Offers Solid Introduction to the Java Platform, Micro Edition
The third edition of "Beginning J2ME: From Novice to Professional" recently was reviewed by programmer and editor Robert Eckstein, who summarizes this book as a solid introduction to the Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) without overwhelming readers with nonsense vernacular.
Free and Open Source S/W
Solaris Containers Saves Users Time, Money and Frustration
Features Multiple Virtual Machines Under One Instance of OS

Solaris Containers is unmatched in the industry, allowing for the creation of multiple virtual machines under a single instance of the operating system, contends an InformationWeek article by Charles Babcock. Virtualization capabilities featured in OpenSolaris and the Solaris 10 Operating System are proving to be essential in saving time, money and frustration.

OpenOffice 1.1.5 Release Candidate
Now Available for Testing
OpenOffice 1.1.5 Release Candidate (rc) is available for download from the Web site. As a release candidate, this version may have bugs and is being offered to interested users wanting to test it and file bug reports. OpenOffice 1.1.5rc includes more than 60 updated list issues reported in previous releases.
Mozilla Foundation's Firefox 1.0.5 Released
Offers Security Updates, Stability Improvements
The Mozilla Foundation's Firefox web browser has been updated with the recent release of version 1.0.5, which fixes multiple vulnerabilities. Chris Hofmann, Mozilla's director of engineering, told Gregg Keizer of TechWeb News that this recent update is meant to "stay ahead of the bad guys."
Adoption of Mozilla Foundation's Firefox Continues to Rise
Open Source Web Browser Nears 10 Percent Market Share

Web monitoring firm NetApplications reports the Mozilla Foundation's Firefox has increased its global market share to 8.71 percent in June, up from 8 percent reported in May. Microsoft's Internet Explorer still holds a commanding 86.56 percent of the browser usage market, according to NetApplication's statistics recorded last month.

"Firefox Secrets: A Need-To-Know Guide"
How to Customize the Online Experience with Firefox
SitePoint CEO and Co-founder Mark Harbottle says the new guide "Firefox Secrets" will show readers how to customize their online experience using the Mozilla Foundation's Firefox web browser, allowing for more control over web performance. SitePoint is releasing this guide to help Firefox users maximize this browser's potential.
    Sun StorEdge Enterprise Class 2GB FC HBA
    Supports Multiple OS Environments with Maximum Reliability
    Wishing to complement its family of Fibre Channel Host Bus Adaptors (FC HBAs), Sun has introduced the Sun StorEdge Enterprise 2GB FC HBAs (SG-XPCI1FC-EM2/SG-XPCI2FC-EM2). These new HBAs provide maximum reliability and performance, supporting multiple operating system environments on Sun servers.
    DVD Optical Drive/Floppy Blocking Plate for Sun Fire V40z
    New Option Cuts Hardware Costs

    A new factory option optical drive/floppy blocking plate allows the creation of a Sun Fire V40z XATO configuration without any installed DVD optical drive/floppy assembly. The XATO part number signals the need for the blocking plate, which is to be used only with the A57B-AA XATO base chassis.

    New XATO Filler Panel Option for the Netra 440 Servers
    Protects Empty Disk Slots from Dust, Debris; Provides Finished Look

    There is a new XATO filler panel option available for the Netra 440 server line that is required whenever a Netra 440 system is ordered with fewer than four drives. The filler panel, in that case, is used to protect the empty disk drive slots from dust and debris as well as to give the unit a finished appearance.

    New and Repriced Spare Parts
    All Type 6 Keyboards Available at New, Lower Prices

    New miscellaneous spare parts are now available for the Sun Fire V240 and Sun Fire V490 server systems. In addition, Sun is repricing all of its Type 6 Keyboards. Companies whose mission requires on-site spares to support critical applications with demanding system availability and uptime requirements will find this repricing valuable.

    New NetBeans GUI Builder - Project Matisse
    Eases Layout Design of Visual Forms
    A new NetBeans graphical user interface (GUI) builder is available in an alpha version as part of the NetBeans 4.2 development download. Known as Project Matisse, this new GUI builder extends the current NetBeans IDE 4.1 Form Editor to support an innovative "Free Design" paradigm.
    NetBeans IDE 4.0 Profiler Tutorial
    Highlights Latest Features of NetBeans Profiler Milestone 6
    If upgrading to the NetBeans Profiler Milestone 6, users may be interested in the NetBeans IDE 4.0 profiler tutorial that demonstrates how to use this latest profiler milestone release with version 4.0 of the NetBeans IDE. This tutorial offers important information on the profiler's features and how to take advantage of them within applications.
    JFluid Profiling Tool - Advancing the Method of Programming
    Project Lead Discusses Tool's Development within the NetBeans IDE
    The JFluid profiling tool is the underlying technology used by the NetBeans Profiler that enables programmers to develop cross-platform desktop, Web and mobile/wireless applications. In a recent interview with Janice J. Heiss, JFluid project lead Misha Dmitriev shared his thoughts on profiling and its advantages with the NetBeans IDE.
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