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Sun To Open Source Web Single Sign-on Technologies
Announces OpenSSO Project for Developer Community

Sun plans to open source its web site authentication and web single sign-on (SSO) technologies through the Open Source Web Single Sign-On (OpenSSO) project. The company also plans to release the source code for agents to connect both of these technologies with the Sun Java System Web Server and Sun Java System Application Server.

Sun's Acquisition of Tarantella, Inc. Complete
Combined Technologies to Accelerate Desktop Utility Computing
Sun announced that its acquisition of Tarantella, Inc. is complete. Sun now owns all assets of the software provider that have enabled its customers in the past to access and manage information, data and applications across virtually all platforms, networks and devices.
Sun and National LambdaRail to Network Utilities
Joint Initiative to Extend Sun's Grid Computing
Sun and the National LambdaRail (NLR) are teaming on a joint initiative to extend Sun's grid efforts for use with NLR's national-scale fiber optic infrastructure. NLR, which is owned and operated by the U.S. research community, supports research and experimentation in networking technologies and applications.
Management Structure of Sun Federal Strengthened
John Marselle Appointed to Newly Created COO Position
John Marselle has been named COO of Sun Microsystems Federal Inc. (Sun Federal), which directs the strategic opportunities for Sun's government business. Marselle's appointment is the latest update to this subsidiary of Sun, which cultivates and secures government contracts for Sun products, solutions and technologies.
Sustainable Computing for a Sustainable Planet
Sun Addresses Technology Industry's Global Responsibility

Sun is taking a global leadership role in ensuring that technology supports an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable planet. This is evident in Sun's recent involvement in programs like the G8 Gleneagles 2005 Summit, the UK's Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change and its development approach called Sustainable Computing.

Top Ten Articles for Last 3 Issues
Vol 88 Issues 4 and 5. Vol 89 Issue 1

Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with a list of the most popular articles for each of the last three issues. The top articles for the three most recent issues were:

New Sun StorEdge 9985 System
Flexible, Lower-cost Package of the Sun StorEdge 9990 System

The Sun StorEdge portfolio of storage and data management platforms has been strengthened with the availability of the new Sun StorEdge 9985 system. This scaled-down version of the Sun StorEdge 9990 system runs the same software and microcode as its predecessor, ensuring full compatibility and simple integration.

New SATA Configurations for Sun StorEdge 5310 NAS Appliances
Replacing Diskless Stand-alone Sun StorEdge 5300 RAID EU
New SATA configurations for the Sun StorEdge 5310 and Sun StorEdge 5310C NAS Appliances have been released from Sun for more cost effective SATA disk drive configurations and greater capacity for scaling. Sun also announced that the existing stand-alone diskless Sun StorEdge 5300 RAID EU are being replaced.
Sun StorEdge 9900 HiCommand Tuning Manager Software 4.1
Provides Intelligent Proactive Monitoring, Reporting and Forecasting

The Sun StorEdge 9900 HiCommand Tuning Manager Software Version 4.1 provides intelligent and proactive monitoring, reporting and forecasting capabilities for the Sun StorEdge 9900 storage resources with a focus on business applications such as Oracle and MS SQL Server. This latest version adds AIX 5.3 and Oracle 10g support.

Two New Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Software Releases
Business Continuity Manager 4.0 and Compatible Replication for IBM XRC

Sun is offering two new releases from the Sun StorEdge 9900 Series software - the Sun StorEdge 9900 HiCommand Business Continuity Manager 4.0 (formerly the Sun StorEdge 9900 Series CopyCentral) and Sun StorEdge 9900 Compatible Replication for IBM XRC (formerly HRXC).

New Tape Drive Options Released for Better Capacity, Performance
For Sun StorEdge L8500, L180, L700, L500 Tape Libraries
Customers with Sun StorEdge L8500 Tape Libraries looking to increase capacity and performance now have the option to purchase the LTO 3 and SDLT 600 fiber channel drives released from Sun. These tape drives offer increased native capacity and performance over LTO 1, LTO 2 and SDLT 320/220 drive technologies.
Developers Warming up to 64-bit Technology
Research Indicates Adoption Slow, But Increasing
Evans Data Corporation research shows that developers are warming up to 64-bit architecture. Research results indicate that the number of developers surveyed who affirmed they would never adopt 64-bit technology has dropped 27 percent within a six month period, from approximately 49 percent in the fall of 2004 to 22 percent this past spring.
    Implementing Assertions to Detect Program Errors
    Sun Technical Article Explains Assertions and the Assertion Facility

    A Sun Developer Network technical article explains how to use assertions in Java technology to detect errors, even unknown ones, within programs. Author Qusay H. Mahmoud explains how to implement assertions within unsupported Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) versions as well as use an assertion facility with supported versions.

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