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"Solaris Containers -- What They Are and How to Use Them"
Solve Resource and Workload Management Issues

Menno Lageman with Sun Client Solutions has written a Sun BluePrints OnLine article explaining Solaris Containers technology and how this advanced approach to server virtualization economically provides sufficient availability and performance for business applications while protecting technology investments. This article demonstrates how Solaris Containers solves resource and workload management issues through practical examples.

Solaris Container Manager 1.1
Add-on Module to the Sun Management Center 3.5

The Solaris Container Manager 1.1 is an add-on module to the Sun Management Center (Sun MC) 3.5 Update 1b that offers support for Solaris Containers as part of the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS). It's ideal for customers wanting a graphical tool to relay application information about their resources.

Expanded Sun Upgrade Advantage Program Option
Higher Trade-in Allowances For Sun Fire UltraSPARC Boards
A new expanded Sun Upgrade Advantage Program (UAP) option extends higher trade-in allowances of up to 40 percent to customers interested in single generation Sun Fire Enterprise server board upgrades. Applicable toward select Sun Fire Enterprise server boards, this program option allows for upgrades to the next generation server boards.
New Configurations for Brocade SilkWorm 24000 FC Director
Lower Cost of Entry Available with Zero Ports, "Lite" Version Options
The Brocade SilkWorm 24000 Fibre Channel (FC) Director now comes with new part numbers that offer customers the option of zero ports or a "lite" software version for more economical budgets. These new options are designed for interested Brocade fibre channel switch customers who require a lower cost of entry.
Get up to 30 Percent Off Sun-branded Host Bus Adaptors (US Promotion)
With Customer Trade-ins of JNI Host Bus Adaptors
Sun is offering up to 30 percent off the Sun StorEdge 2Gb PCI Dual Fibre Channel network adaptors with customer trade-ins of JNI Host Bus Adaptors (HBAs). These Sun-branded HBAs are backward compatible and can be used in a storage area network (SAN) environment or directly attached to storage devices.
Sun Releases New and Repriced Hardware Products
Get Sun Fire, Sun Java Workstations, Netra Spare Parts

Sun has released new hardware spare parts for the Sun Fire V20z Server, Sun Fire V40z Server, Sun Fire V210 Server, Sun Fire V240 Server and Netra 240 Server. In addition, repriced hardware spare parts also have been released for the Sun Java Workstation W1100z and Sun Java Workstation W2100z.

Sun StorEdge 5310 Compliance Archiving System
Facilitates Compliance with Government, Business Regulations
The Sun StorEdge 5310 Compliance Archiving System is on the market, offering customers the most stringent requirements for electronic storage media retention and protection. Coupling the Sun StorEdge 5310 NAS Appliance with the Sun StorEdge Compliance Archiving Software, this newly released Sun product facilitates compliance with both government and business regulations.
New Software for the Sun StorEdge 9900 System Family
Replication, Tiered Storage Management Features Offered

Additional software has been released for the Sun StorEdge 9900 Systems that include the Sun StorEdge 9900 HiCommand Replication Monitor v4.0, the Sun StorEdge 9900 Universal Replicator and Sun StorEdge 9900 HiCommand Tiered Storage Manager.

Sun StorEdge Enterprise Storage Management 3.1 CD
Replaces Version 3.0 with Updated Features

Customers now can order the Sun StorEdge Enterprise Storage Management Base Applications 3.1 CD that features the Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment 2.4, Sun StorEdge SAN Foundation Software 4.4.5, RSS Reader Portlet and Application Organizer Portlet. This latest CD release replaces the previously released Sun StorEdge Base Applications CD 3.0.

The Sun Java Wireless Toolkit Version 2.3 Beta Release
Three New APIs, Multiple Enhancements Featured

The Sun Java Wireless Toolkit, formerly known as the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) Wireless Toolkit, now has a version 2.3 beta release available with added features and support for three new APIs, including the Security and Trust Services APIs, Location API and Content Handler API.

The GlassFish Project Invites Developers to Contribute
Community Developing Next Generation Application Server Platform
The Glassfish Project is inviting developers to join this development community in refining the Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9. Community members can review source code, build code, test it, submit improvements and join in technical discussions on this application platform.
Exam Study Kit for Sun Certified Business Component Developer
Manning Publication Targets J2EE 1.3 Exam
Manning Publications Co. has produced an exam study kit for developers interested in acing the Sun Certified Business Component Developer for the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.3 exam (CX-310-090). This book is available either as a softbound print or PDF ebook and offers readable, no-nonsense information on every single exam topic.
The 2005 TopCoder Open
Register Now for This Challenging Competition
Sun is sponsoring the 2005 TopCoder Open competition that includes three distinct contest categories -- the Component Design Competition, Component Development Competition and Algorithm Competition. This year's TopCoder Open will offer registered TopCoder members challenging problems, exciting competitions and a chance to win cash prizes.
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