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A Community Effort is Needed to Eliminate the Digital Divide
The Problem Calls for More Than Just Money
For Scott McNealy the digital divide is symbolized by the reality that in the third world Internet users number only 40% of the worldwide average; the number of PCs per capita is less than one-third; and the number of Internet hosts less than one-tenth. Bridging the digital divide is as much a matter of education as of dollars and cents, he says.
Utility Computing: A Dream Deferred
Though Not Denied; Technology is Catching Up
For all its long-touted promise, utility computing has been slow to emerge as the solution to the compelling issues of cost and resource allocation that have come to the forefront of IT department concerns. Info World’s Oliver Rist asks why the delay and whether the dream has, once and for all, gone south.
Java Technology
"A Retailers Guide to JavaPOS Solutions"
Choosing and Spending Wisely for a Java-based POS Solution
The Retail Council of Canada has prepared a guide to Java point-of-sale technology (JavaPOS) that gives readers an overview of both JavaPOS and other Java-based POS solutions for retail, along with the business issues that arise in connection with the JavaPOS standard and the benefits that can be expected from its adoption. The overview includes case studies and guidelines for implementation.
"JavaServer Faces in Action"
A Guide to Getting the Most Out of JavaServer Faces Technology
With his book “JavaServer Faces in Action,” Kito Mann assists front- and back-end developers and architects in getting the most out of JavaServer Faces technology, introducing developers to the new official standard for simplifying Java technology web development.
J2SE 5.0 Performance White Paper
Improvements Over J2SE 1.4.2. are Impressive

The new features and performance enhancements of Java 2, Standard Edition (J2SE) 5.0 are reviewed in a new white paper, with a focus on the performance and scalability improvements as proven in several benchmark results that are cited. Extensive comparisons with J2SE 1.4.2 demonstrate the quality of the new release.

Free and Open Source S/W
Google's Summer of Code Nears Launch Date
Student Developers Get Opportunity for Cash, Recognition
Google’s Summer of Code is about to begin. On June 24, Google will make the final selection of applicants and award an initial sum to each winner. The Summer of Code is designed to "introduce students to the world of open-source software development." Those who complete a project by summer’s end will each receive $4,500 in payment.
OpenSolaris: The View from the Trenches
Open Source Community on the OpenSolaris Effort
Hoping to shed light on OpenSolaris from a less technical perspective than usual, Jem Matzan of NewsForge interviewed a number of individuals engaged in one aspect or another of this open source project to learn what these members of the development team had to say.
Consolidate Data Better and Faster with Sun and Informatica
New Benchmark Results Fastest Yet
For companies looking to manage growing data volumes, the new benchmark tests from Informatica are good news: they resulted in faster performance for the Informatica data integration architecture on Sun.
Sun Fire UltraSPARC III Midrange Server Upgrade Promotion
Save Up to 60 Percent
This promotion offers two savings opportunities: Save on Sun Fire 3800 server and Sun Fire 4810 server upgrades and on Sun Fire 4800 Server and Sun Fire 800 server upgrades.
See the Numbers Yourself: Savings from AMD and Sun
The Sun Dual Core Savings Calculator

Find out how much you can save by using dual core AMD Opteron processors in the Sun Fire V40z server with Sun's new Dual Core Savings Calculator available on the Sun web site.

"Key Management and PKCS#11 Tokens in Sun Java System Application Server 8.1"
Developer Tech Tip
Developer Shing Wai Chan explains how to use Public-Key Cryptography Standards #11 (PKCS#11) tokens with the Sun Java System Application Server 8.1 Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition running on the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE platform) 5.0.
Benefits of Linker Scoping
Reducing Symbol Scope with Sun Studio C/C++

Giri Mandalika, a Sun engineer consultant, explains the benefits of linker scoping for developing end-user applications (in C and C++). He covers using language extensions built into the Sun Studio C/C++ compilers to indicate the appropriate linker scoping in a source program. Linker scoping was added as a language extension with the release of Sun Studio 8 C/C++ compilers.

"Managing IT as a Business"
Sun and SAS Offer Simplicity, Consolidation and ROI
Sun and SAS have brought together their respective strengths as leaders in the fields of network computing and systems management and business intelligence to make the synergistic offering of SAS IT Management Solutions running on Sun's robust IT infrastructure.
"Centralized Host Configuration With Cfengine"
Software Approach Cuts Errors, Downtime
Users experiencing difficulty with establishing and maintaining machine conformity will garner useful information in reading Amy Rich's Sun BigAdmin two articles on Cfengine, a distributed convergent configuration management system.
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