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Tenth Annual 2005 JavaOne Conference
The Event for Java Technology Developers and Enthusiasts
Celebrating ten years of Java technology, the 2005 JavaOne Conference is gearing up for this industry-wide birthday bash with a line up of technology presentations, showcases of market-changing innovations, prestigious awards and events that have become the hallmark of the Java development community's annual gathering.
How OpenSolaris Might Change IT Business
Vice President Tom Goguen Answers Questions from IT, OEM Execs
Sun Vice President of its Software Group Tom Goguen says the OpenSolaris project is about incubating a much broader ecosystem for the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) that will benefit Sun's commercial customers by offering greater choice in products and technology. In a recent interview, Goguen clarified aspects of OpenSolaris and the Solaris OS.
Voice Over Internet Protocol on the Rise
Research Shows Interest Increasing Among Businesses

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is on the rise. Infonetics Research revealed that businesses in the U.S. spent an average of USD$117,000 on IP voice technology in 2003, with that amount rising 46 percent in 2004 and an additional 9 percent this year, reported Jay Wrolstad, Newsfactor Technology News.

    Sun Innovation Wins New Customers
    Product Portfolio Driving Momentum

    Sun's innovations continue to win customers from a wide array of markets worldwide. The company's product portfolio has enticed organizations with its Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS), Sun Java Enterprise Systems, Sun StorEdge products and Sun Fire servers with SPARC and the latest AMD Opteron processors.

    Top Ten Articles for Last 3 Issues
    Vol 87 Issues 1, 2 and 3

    Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with the most popular articles of the current and last volumes. The top articles for the three most recent issues were:

    • 87.3: Sun and Microsoft Reveal Status of Product Interoperability
    • 87.2: Sun to Acquire Tarantella
    • 87.1: Microsoft Applications on Sun Ray Ultra-thin Clients
    Competitively Priced Sun Monitors
    Sun Lowers Pricing on Variety of Monitors
    Sun is reducing prices on its 24-inch LCD, 22-inch CRT and the 17-inch CRT, joining the previously announced lower pricing on its 19-inch LCD monitor [14488]. Pricing has been reduced to keep these Sun monitors competitive in the marketplace. All of these monitors meet G11n Compliance requirements.
      Remanufactured 1.05GHz CPU/Memory Boards
      Designed for the Sun Fire V480 and V880 Servers
      Sun has remanufactured 1.05 GHz CPU memory boards available as an X-option for the Sun Fire V480 and Sun Fire V880 servers. As a remanufactured product offering, the 1.05 GHz CPU memory boards are rebuilt to deliver the same performance, quality and investment protection as new Sun products, but at reduced pricing.
      Graphics Accelerator with Fan Card Reaches End of Life
      Specific to Sun Fire E6900 Servers
      The Sun Fire E6900 server's graphic accelerator with fan card is no longer being manufactured by Sun and the company is not accepting orders for part number X3689A-F. Sun does plan on continuing its support for the Sun Fire E6900 server, which recently passed earthquake qualification standards, through 2007.
      New Sun Hardware Spare Parts Released
      Includes Spare 36GB Drive for Storage and Enterprise Systems

      The latest release of Sun hardware spare parts includes a spare 36GB drive that can be used with the Sun StorEdge 3900/6900, Sun StorEdge A1000/D1000, Sun StorEdge A5100/5200, Sun StorEdge T3, Sun Enterprise 10K, Sun Enterprise 220R, Sun Enterprise 3500-6500, Sun Enterprise 420R and Sun Enterprise 450.

        "Meeting Business Objectives Through Unified and Simplified Storage"
        IDC Examines Storage Trends and Solutions
        A May 2005 IDC white paper sponsored by Sun offers IT managers practical recommendations to advanced their enterprise storage environments in today's market. IDC researchers Richard L. Villars and Rhoda Phillips cover the key trends driving enterprise storage deployment, strategic goals for IT investments, expansion considerations and Sun's approach to solving market needs.
        Sun StorEdge LTO 3 Tape Drive in LVD SCSI Desktop Configuration
        Ideal Backup for Workstations and Workgroup Servers
        Newly released Sun StorEdge LTO 3 tape drive comes with an LVD SCSI desktop configuration, offering a single self-contained tape drive designed for the local backup of workstations and workgroup servers with small datasets up to 400 GB native capacity. This solution is ideal for customers needing local backup and wanting to standardized on LTO technology.
        Sun Studio 10 Update 1 Early Access Program
        Qualified Software Developers Invited to Preview New Capabilities
        Software developers are invited to apply for Sun Studio 10 Update 1, Early Access evaluation program. Scheduled to begin in mid-June 2005, this 12-week program allows participants to test the new capabilities of this Solaris developer toolset for C, C++ and Fortran application development.
        Utilizing AppCrash Under the Solaris Operating System
        Provides Precisely Selected Data Collection Within Security Limits
        Application Crash (AppCrash) is a tool for the automatic collection of diagnostic and debugging information when any application crashes under the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS). A recent Sun Developer Network Site article explains how to enable the user-controlled collection of data with AppCrash to safely gather necessary debugging information.
        Java Tools - Easing Application Development
        Developer Productivity Key to Tools' Future
        Bob Brewin, a Sun Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for Developer Tools, as well as the original architect of the Sun Java Studio Creator, recently spoke with Janice J. Heiss about Java tools and their variety, purpose and goals in easing development.
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