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16 May 2005
"Sun Connection — IT Management Delivered as a Network Service"
Learn About Nine Integrated Services, Business Benefits Available

Sun has produced a white paper outlining its Sun Connection service, which was released during its Network Computing '05 Q2 product launch and aimed at fixing the expanding costs and complexities rampant in IT management. This document defines this service, explaining how it works and the resulting business benefits that can be achieved.
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    16 May 2005
    Resolving Storage System Bottlenecks
    White Paper Defines Causes and Solutions

    Diminishing storage system bottlenecks is the focus of a Sun white paper that offers methods to resolve these types of issues. Entitled, "Storage Systems Bottlenecks and Their Solutions," this paper explains the typical storage system performance criteria determined by workload, and the components that can impact performance.
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      16 May 2005
      BigAdmin XPerts Advise on New OS and Storage Release
      Get Info on Solaris 10 Installation, Sun StorEdge 6920 System

      The BigAdmin XPerts section currently is hosting topics on installing the Solaris 10 Operating System and the Sun StorEdge 6920 System Release 3.0. These topics are monitored by Sun experts Sudnar Yamunachari and John Considine, respectively, who respond to queries related to these specific subjects and technologies.
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