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Sun 10-Gigabit Ethernet PCI-X Adapter Soon to be Released
Provides Critical Bandwidth for LAN Systems

LAN systems requiring increased amounts of critical bandwidth can install the Sun 10-Gigabit Ethernet adapter that is comprised of a 133 MHz PCI-X, 10 Gigabit Ethernet fiber card. Supporting IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, this soon to be released adapter increases network security resulting in reduced network congestion.

Updated iWay Adapters Now Use Standard Configurations
Complies with J2EE Connector Architecture Release 1.5

iWay Adapters have been updated to comply with the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Connector Architecture 1.5 specification. Release 5.5 provides much of the same functionality as prior releases, but now uses standard interfaces. Standards compliance supported with this release includes inbound messaging, life cycle management contract and more.

New 19-inch LCD Monitors Come with New Lower Price
Several Feature Enhancements Integrated in Upcoming Release
A new Sun 19-inch LCD monitor offers several feature enhancements, including improved ergonomics with an adjustable stand and rotating base, advanced motion performance and IPS viewing angle technology. Set for release by month's end, this flat panel technology is ideal for customers with space, weight or power concerns.
    Entry Level Servers
    Fastest Dual-core Processors Set for Release on Sun Fire Servers
    AMD Opteron Model 875 with 2.2 GHz Available at Month's End
    Supporting the fastest dual core AMD Opteron processors - Model 875 with 2.2 GHz - the Sun Fire V40z server will hit the market May 31, 2005, offering customers eight-way performance using four processors. Estimated performance gains can reach 1.7 to over 2 times that of a single core system and competitive servers, respectively.
    Sun's Dually Enhanced Opteron-based Portfolio
    Performance and Savings Peak Market's Interest
    Sun is only one of two vendors that offer a broad Opteron-based portfolio, says John Enck, vice president of server strategies at Gartner, and the company is accommodating the dual-core Opteron processor market's interest with its latest introduction of the Sun Fire V40z server, supporting the fastest dual core AMD Opteron 875.
    Sun's x64 Servers Win Over NewEnergy Associates
    Company Cites Price-Performance, Less Heat Generation as Key
    NewEnergy Associates' search for a solution that would keep costs down and accelerate applications within its high-performance grid infrastructure inevitably led to the Sun Fire V20z and Sun Fire V40z servers. Powered by AMD Opteron processors, this solution provided the necessary computational power and operational efficiencies.
    New Configuration, X-option and XATO Option for Netra Servers
    Get Additional Internal Disk Storage for Netra 240, 440 Servers
    A new configuration for the Netra 440 1.6 GHz AC/DC server is set for release, offering 32 GB of memory and four 146 GB 15K rpm SCSI disk drives. With this additional internal disk storage, customers will be capable of storing data directly onto the server without having to be concerned with external storage requirements.
    Upgraded Sun StorEdge 6920 System Set for Release
    Version 3.0.0 Incorporates New Data Services and Capabilities
    An upgraded version of the Sun StorEdge 6920 system is expected to be released at the end of May with new data services and capabilities. Software version 3.0.0 is designed to help address data growth and unmanageability, risk of data loss and variations in asset utilization.
    Sun Java StorEdge Software and Suites
    Get Benefits of Subscription Pricing with Solution-oriented Suites

    Customers now have an alternative in purchasing storage software to reduce costs and complexity. The Sun Java StorEdge Software and Suites provide a complete storage software bundle that is available through subscription pricing that makes licensing payments predictable, lowers the initial acquisition cost and improves overall resource IT management and planning.

    Updated Sun StorEdge Enterprise Backup Software 7.2
    Additional Licensing for Windows and Linux Platforms
    The Sun StorEdge Enterprise Backup Software (EBS) 7.2 now supports Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms on Sun's line of AMD Opteron-based servers. Announced this month, additional licenses for both the Workgroup and Network Editions have been issued for 32-bit Windows 2000/2003 and 32-bit Red Hat 3.0.
    Three Sets of Tiered Licensing for Universal Volume Manager
    Sun Reports Restructuring Lowers Costs Up to 90%

    Customers with Sun StorEdge Universal Volume Manager (UVM) with Hitachi storage wanting to consolidate and centralize their storage and optimize their applications in a multi-tiered storage environment should examine the Sun StorEdge 9900 UVM software. This product offers three sets of license tiers based on usable capacity.

    Sun Managed Storage Services
    Let Sun Manage Your SAN and Reduce Storage TCO

    Companies now have the option to delegate responsibility of the daily management of their SAN environments to Sun with its newly released Sun Managed Storage Services. This remote service is a fixed price/fixed deliverable product that also provides information and recommendations for continual improvements in storage management efficiency.

    Sun Operations Management Solution
    Transforms IT into a Manageable Service

    The new Sun Operations Management Solution (OMS) is designed to assist organizations in efficiently manage IT operations as business-oriented IT services in a predictable and repeatable manner. This solution is based on a systematic, lifecycle approach for assessing, remediating, transforming and sustaining heterogeneous mission-critical production environments.

      Sun Business Intelligence Network Computing Solution
      Brings Services and Products Together for Customer Specific Deployment

      The Sun Business Intelligence Network Computing (BINC) solution announced at the company's Network Computing '05 Q2 is designed to address each aspect of the business intelligence and data warehousing process within a company. Sun reports that customers can save up to USD$1 million by implementing a BINC solution.

      Sun Network Services for SAP Solutions
      Offers Comprehensive Set of Security and Identity Services

      The advent of web services and the adoption of the SAP NetWeaver application platform has incited Sun to develop the Sun Network Services for SAP Solutions. This comprehensive set of security and identity services provides secure access to business applications and centrally managed user populations in SAP environments.

      Free and Open Source S/W
      Interface Specifications for Identity-based Web Services
      Liberty Alliance Project Releases Three
      Three interface specifications have been released by the Liberty Alliance Project that support presence, contact book and geo-location Web services. Deployable on Liberty’s Identity Web Services Framework (ID-WSF), these specifications offer new application functionality to enterprises and service providers, as well as privacy, personalization and security benefits to users.
      Developers with Open Source, Java Experience Needed
      Invitation to Share Knowledge on Leveraging Projects

      Matt Thompson, director of Technology Outreach & Open Source Programs Office at Sun has issued an official request for open source Java developers. Thompson is coordinating a discussion between Sun executives and experienced developers, who are familiar with leveraging the Java platform and open source projects.

      OpenOffice Team Requests Assistance from IBM
      Big Blue's Developer Contributions Sought
      The OpenOffice project team leader Louis Suarez-Potts is requesting that IBM donate developer time to the open source productivity suite, which it sells as part of its Workplace suite. As an open source project, OpenOffice depends upon the contributions of developers and end users. There are approximately 600 active contributors to the OpenOffice project.
      ObjectWeb Welcomes Four New Companies
      Business Integration Experts to Enhance Open Source Middleware

      Four more companies have joined the ObjectWeb consortium and expectations are for a strengthening in the group's open source middleware suite. ADNEOM, EBM WebSourcing, e-Care and EdifiXio specialize in business integration and will bring differentiated added-value offers and professional services.

      "Firefox and Thunderbird Garage"
      Prentice Hall Garage Series Offers Guide on Mozilla Projects
      The recently released guide, "Firefox & Thunderbird Garage", promises to help readers master free software efficiently and safely with quick-learning modules, insider tips, rants and blog entries. Mozilla insiders Chris Hofmann and Marcia Knous along with writer John Hedtke have authored this first edition manual that describes how to customize and extend Firefox and Thunderbird to suit users' needs.
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