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Sun, Oracle Propel Scalable Enterprise
Oracle 10g Certified on Solaris 10 Operating System

The Oracle 10g has been certified on the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS), improving customer choice within the scalable computing market, announced Sun at its Network Computing '05 Q2 launch. Coupled together, these two solutions deliver an IT platform that ensures forward momentum in the adoption of scalable computing, Sun projected.

Global Governments Fuel Growing Momentum for Sun Technologies
Sun and its Partners Provide Secure, Scalable Solutions

Secure and scalable technologies have ingratiated Sun and its partners with government agencies worldwide, who continually seek cutting-edge solutions to meet their demanding requirements. During its quarterly Network Computing '05 Q2 launch, Sun shared how some of its next-generation solutions are benefiting the government sector, partners and citizens.

Sun Java Workstation W2100z Configurations Reach End of Life
Replaced by Latest AMD Model 252 Additions

Sun's release of the Sun Java Workstation W2100z with AMD Opteron processor Model 252 in March has led to the end of life for some previous standard configurations of this workstation. To reduce complexity, two specific part numbers will be replaced with the updated models, which offer more value to customers and resellers.

Microsoft Applications on Sun Ray Ultra-thin Clients
"Retro" Technology Adds Versatility to Stateless Workstations
Sun Ray ultra-thin clients soon may be offered with a recently developed technology that allows this Sun solution to run Microsoft applications. Code named "Retro", this technology illustrated the versatility of these ultra-thin clients and was one of 50 technology demonstrations presented during the 2005 Sun Labs Day.
Education and Research
Sun Matching Grant Program Offers USD$5 Million Initiative
Educational Institutes in India Benefit from Matching Investments

Sun's worldwide education grants and donations program recently offered a USD$5 million initiative to educational institutions, whereby Sun donates equipment to match investments of educational institutions. In addition, Sun Microsystems India Pvt Ltd will provide a series of hardware, software and Web-based training as part of its Sun Matching Grant Program.

New Live Virtual Class Training Courses
Sun Expands Training Modalities for Customer Convenience, Choice
Sun customers now have another training option as part of the Sun Educational Services portfolio - Live Virtual Classes. This new modality will be available initially in nine training courses that will bring instructor-led training to desktops worldwide via the web.
Sun Educational Services Releases 17 New Training Courses
Instructor-Led Training Covers Sun's Latest Technologies
The Sun Educational Services team has released 17 new courses specifically designed as Instructor-led Training (ILT) that translates advanced technologies into real-world skills and applications. Released this spring, these new courses cover the areas of Java technology software, storage, operating systems and the N1 grid for network infrastructure.
Java Technology
Contribute Code to Mustang
Java Research License Facilitates Access, Contributions
Weekly snapshot releases of Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) have been posted on as the platform moves toward version 6.0. The team now is actively seeking source code contributions from the development community.
Special Five for Five Java Training Offer
Register for One of Five Courses and Qualify for One of Five Giveaways

Register for one of Sun's five most popular Java technology training courses and become eligible for one of five of these most requested giveaway items - an iPod Shuffle, Sun Java Bomber Jacket, MP3 Watch, Sony PlayStation 2 or Biometric Flash Drive. Registration must be completed by July 8, 2005.

Become a Sun Certified Programmer for the J2SE 5.0
Final Version of Certification Exam Released

The final version of the Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 5.0 exam has been released for experienced Java language programmers. This exam tests knowledge on this Java platform including the latest enhancements and features of version 5.0 and is considered the foundation certification in Sun's Java technology certification portfolio.

NetBeans IDE 4.1 to be Released This Week
Significant Updates to J2EE Apps, EJB Components, Web Services
The NetBeans organization plans on releasing NetBeans IDE 4.1 by week's end with core stabilization features and enhanced performance additions. This latest version supports application development for the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.4 and deployment to the Sun Java System Application Server 8.1 Platform Edition.
NetBeans Software Day at 2005 JavaOne Conference
Gosling, Hamilton to Present Keynotes at Free, Half-Day Event
Join the NetBeans team for their annual NetBeans Software Day at 2005 JavaOne Conference scheduled for June 26, 2005, at the Argent Hotel for the latest updates on the NetBeans IDE and other Sun tools. This free, half-day event offers a roster of industry experts who will be presenting keynotes and track sessions.
Download NetBeans Profiler Milestone 6
Now Supports JDK 5.0_04 and JDK 6.0 Versions
NetBeans Profiler Milestone 6 for NetBeans 4.1 and 4.0 IDE has been released with multiple new features including support for the upcoming JDK 5.04_04 release that will be available at the end of June and the current builds of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 6.0.
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