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Java Technology
Simplifying Java Technology-based Web Services
JCP Approves Web Services Meta Data for the Java Platform

The Java Community Process (JCP) unanimously approved the Web Services Meta Data for the Java Platform under the Java Specification Request (JSR) 181, which is expected to simplify the process of using Java technology-based applications as Web Services. The principal goal of JSR 181 is to provide a simplified model for Web Services development.

The Communication APIs of the Security and Trust Services API
Learn How J2ME-enabled Devices Communicate with Smart Cards

The Java Specification Request (JSR) 177 is being designed to provide Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) applications with APIs for security and trust services through the integration of a security element, such as smart cards. In a Sun Developer Network Site article, writer C. Enrique Ortiz examines the communication APIs of this specification.

Sun's Role in Advancing the Telecommunications Industry
Senior Director of J2ME Platform Shares His Thoughts
Telecommunication carriers need to monetize their 3G investments this year to continue the momentum built up from last year's banner year, said Eric Chu, senior director, Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME), Client Systems Group, Sun. He advises carriers and handset manufacturers to collaborate in leveraging Java and identity solutions to insure investments are fully realized.
"Robust Java: Exception Handling, Testing, and Debugging"
Focuses on Testing and Debugging Code for Solid, Maintainable Results
Sun Microsystems Press and Prentice Hall PTR have published what they describe as a "one-stop resource" on exceptions and exception handling for the Java programming language. "Robust Java: Exception Handling, Testing, and Debugging" by Stephen Stelting is a comprehensive reference guide for developers that offers best practices for Java exception handling.
Planning for the Future with RFID
Savvy IT Managers Should Prep Company Systems in Advance

IT managers toying with the idea of implementing radio frequency identification (RFID) technology within their IT environments should define how an RFID solution will solve a particular problem within an organization and then institute a pilot program to test and demonstrate this program, says Bernard Traversat, Senior Engineering Manager for RFID and JXTA at Sun.

Identify, Assess and Recover from System Attacks
How to Use Computer Forensics to Investigate Security Breaches
Computer forensics not only can identify a source of an attack on a computer system, it also can be used to assess damage, recover data and prosecute offenders. Basic information on this technology is the subject of a recently published Sun BluePrints OnLine article that covers the terminology, guidelines and procedures in computer forensic investigations.
An Analysis of the Enhanced Sun StorEdge 6920 System
Latest Features Evaluated, Resulting Benefits Outlined
The Evaluator Group has released a 17-paged white paper that examines the Sun StorEdge 6920 latest features and benefits. Sun recently announced that an enhanced version of this mid-range storage system is scheduled to be released by June 31, 2005, and the Evaluator Group offers an analysis on this updated storage product offering.
"N1 Grid Architecture Realized: Measurable Requirements"
Learn Techniques on Gathering, Analyzing Critical to Quality Baselines
Sun BluePrints has released the fifth chapter of the book "Building N1 Grid Solutions: Preparing, Architecting, and Implementing Service-Centric Data Centers" as an online article, which focuses on the N1 Grid architecture and how to collect and analyze Critical to Quality baselines for accurate architectural analysis and solution testing.
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