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One Million Solaris 10 Licenses Distributed in 2005
Benchmarks Illustrate Power
Sun reached a milestone with one million registered licenses distributed for the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) since January 31, when the software became available on Sun's Web site.
Benchmarks for Sun Studio 10 Software and Solaris 10 OS
Outstanding Performance and Reliability
SPEC OMPM2001 and SPEC JBB2000 benchmarks using the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS), Sun Studio 10 software and Sun Fire servers delivered world record results.
Sun Java System Instant Messaging New Release Features New Privacy Controls
New Partnerships with Clique Communications and ArcMentor
The newest version of Sun Java System Instant Messaging supports XMPP and includes new privacy controls, significant improvements in usability, and new partnerships such as one with Clique Communications and ArcMentor. Embedding real-time collaboration and presence capabilities of Sun Java System Instant Messaging into other applications enables a richer, more productive end user experience.
JPMorgan Tests Solaris 10 OS for Grid Computing and Data Archiving
Pilot Projects are Beginning of Alliance
JPMorgan will work with Sun to jointly develop projects involving grid computing, data archiving and virtualized data center solutions. The Investment Bank Technology team at JPMorgan will develop applications using the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS).
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“Why?” Is Not a Four-letter Word at Sun Labs
Director Glenn Edens Explains the Culture
Managing anywhere from 175 to 200 researchers, the majority of whom are independent-thinking Ph.D.s, is a complex task that Sun Microsystems Laboratories Director Glenn Edens accomplishes by following this cardinal principle: "When managing a set of independent people, you can't tell them what to do."
Identity Management Gives Business a Secure Advantage
Establishment of Trust is the Key to User Access
As businesses moved from mainframe IT architectures to multi-tier technologies, two developments have occurred: Businesses can increase employee productivity and gross revenue by providing their employees and their customers and vendors database access while they also face heightened system vulnerabilities. The key to managing both these developments, says Fran Howarth, is the establishment of trust through identity management.
Solaris 10 OS Selected by Education-related ISVs
E-Learning Specialists Chose Solaris 10 OS for Cost Savings and Reliability

At the recent Worldwide Education and Research Conference, ten new ISVs announced they are porting to the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS). These ISVs cover varying fields, including life sciences, math libraries, mechanical engineering, grid storage software, library automation, e-learning and administrative computing.

Sun StorEdge 9900 HiCommand Tuning Manager 4.0 Software
Provides Intelligent Proactive Monitoring, Reporting and Forecasting

New features of Sun StorEdge 9900 HiCommand Tuning Manager 4.0 software support for the Sun StorEdge9990 product and external storage reporting for CLPR and SLPR. It also offers an enhanced GUI view with on demand metrics, bookmarks and report definition capability.

QLogic's SANbox 5200 Fibre Channel Stackable Switches for SMEs
For Consolidation, Compliance and Continuity
Sun has qualified QLogic's SANbox 5200 Fibre Channel stackable switches and added the SANblade QLA 210 value line of HBAs to the Sun StorEdge family of storage solutions.
Mid Size Companies Using Storage Virtualization
Gain Lower Storage Costs

Sun Microsystems continues its role as a major player in the storage field with solutions that include everything from volume management software to data replication. The flexibility designed into Sun storage arrays lends itself nicely, according to K.S. Ramanujam, general manager, data management and storage at Sun, to the business requirements of the mid-size user.

Chip Multi-Threading for Software Developers
"The Power of CMT is in the Scheduling"
Software developers interested in chip multi-threading (CMT) will find Nagendra Nagarajayya's article, "Improving Application Efficiency Through Chip Multi-Threading" from the Sun Developer page useful. The author illustrates the scalability on a CMT system with a prototype Java technology-based application.
Using External Linkage in Mixed-Code Programming
An Example and Tips

Author Giri Mandalika introduces the concept of linkage and shows how a simple C++ program fails without language linkage, but can succeed with proper linkage.

Project Coyote Adds Support for Scripting Languages to NetBeans IDE
Increasing Productivity
Developers can now download and try modules of Project Coyote that let developers write code in Groovy and Jython. Launched March 16, 2005, Project Coyote adds Jython (the Java implementation of Python) and Groovy scripting to NetBeans.
NetBeans Platform
Brief Overview
The NetBeans platform is an application runtime - a "generic large desktop application." Most desktop applications have common requirements - menus, document management, settings and so forth. Nobody enjoys writing menu code or setting storage code. With the NetBeans Platform, you don't have to. Just write modules to implement what you need, bundle them up with the NetBeans Platform, and you have a beautiful, branded, cross-platform application. And if you need custom functionality or components, the Platform is built to be flexible.
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