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A Commodity Called Computing
Sun Adding Developer, Desktop and Application Utilities
Enterprises need to reassess their IT environments and decide if continuing to acquire computing resources and their subsequent support services are worth the expense and effort. A Sun feature article outlines the current Sun Grid model, which offers a viable alternative to the old style of computing.
Blogs in Corporate Environments
Consumer-oriented Companies Benefit from Freeform Expression
The popularity of blogging has caught the attention of corporate executives who are weighing the pros and cons of incorporating this type of unfiltered communication tool within their organizations. An important element of blogs is that they portray an authentic human voice, which some corporations embrace while others fear it.
The Next Decade's Three IT Technology Breakthroughs
James Gosling Reveals His Picks and Other Java Thoughts
Three important IT breakthroughs Sun CTO of the Developer Products group James Gosling anticipates to come of age over the next 10 years include the broadening of the network, complete expansion of broadband channels and Voice over/Video over IP (VOIP), in an interview with Brendon Chase of Builder AU.
Java Technology
Sun Announces Two New Java Licenses
To Improve Developer Access to Source Code

According to James Gosling, CTO of the Developer Products group at Sun, the company is striving to make Java technology as open and flexible as possible, while ensuring that the programming language remains compatible across different platforms. Making Java source code more transparent and accessible to developers is a delicate issue.

"Java Standards: The Mandate for Interoperability and Compatibility"
META Group White Paper Explains Java Technology's Value Proposition

A META Group white paper entitled, "Java Standards: A Mandate for Interoperability and Compatibility" urges the IT community to realize the importance of maintaining compatibility in the use of Java technology in their latest innovations. The paper contends that without standards and interoperability, the value proposition of Java innovations suffer.

"Mustang" to Offer Full-scale Client Support for Web Services
Proposed Updates to J2SE 6.0 Discussed
The Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 6.0, code named Mustang, is targeted to ship sometime next year and is expected to include full-scale client support Web Services. In a recent teleconference, James Gosling, Sun CTO of the Developer Products group, and Graham Hamilton, Sun vice president and Java platform team fellow, spoke about these proposed updates.
Free and Open Source S/W
"Jakarta Commons - Online Bookshelf"
Provides Re-usable Solutions to Everyday Development Tasks
Manning Publications has released the "Jakarta Commons Online Bookshelf," which is an electronic collection of 14 PDF modules, each of which are focused on one of the main Jakarta Commons components that developers can use to quickly relieve everyday development tasks. Author Vikram Goyal has compiled this collection of over twenty open-source Java tools.
"Jakarta Struts Cookbook"
Look-up Reference to Real-world Problems
The "Jakarta Struts Cookbook" is designed to assist developers in building Web applications by offering code solutions for common and uncommon problems encountered when working with the Struts Framework. Author Bill Siggelkow aims to provide developers with a single resource that shows how to apply Struts to specific problems that arise in Web application development.
Delivering the Next-Generation IMS Services
Sun Teams with JAIN SLEE Providers to Advance Netra ATCA Blade Platform
Sun is partnering with JAIN Service Logic Execution Environment (SLEE) providers to accelerate development and deployment of new IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) services for convergent fixed-mobile network environments. These alliances are expected to advance the next-generation of Netra Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) blade platforms.
New iForce Solution Center Opens in Singapore
Regional Partners, Customers CanTest Solutions Before Investing

The Asia South iForce Solution Center officially opened this month with state-of-the-art Sun technologies that assist iForce partners build and test prototype solutions for customers before they make an investment in a new technology. These centers are designed to reduce risk and lower TCO while increasing productivity.

Thirty-four Partners Choose to Support Solaris 10 OS
Benefits with Sun's Latest Platform Win over ISVs

Thirty-four ISVs have decided to port a range of telecommunications applications to the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) with the expected benefits of improved network operations environments, bottom-line costs and quick implementation of the latest IP-based services. These partners include Lenovo, Ulticom, Veraz Networks, VoiceGenie, among others.

"The Ephemerizer: Making Data Disappear"
Sun Distinguished Engineer Describes a New Method of Key Management
Sun Distinguished Engineer Radia Perlman has published a research paper that presents a server known as an "ephemerizer" that can create encryption and decryption functions with outlined expiration times. Entitled, "The Ephemerizer: Making Data Disappear," the 20-paged PDF explains how to retain data for a specified amount of time and then make it unrecoverable.
Data Lifecycle Management Strategies
Meeting the Challenges of Data Retention Compliance

Effective data management that meets regulatory compliance and corporate governance in addition to litigation support is moving to the top of priority lists in IT environments worldwide. In a recent Sun business brief, these issues are presented along with Sun solutions that address these critical industry requirements.

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