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Sun Announces Promotions of Two Top Managers
New Leaders Named for Sun Services, Worldwide Operations
This past week, Sun announced the promotions of Don Grantham to executive vice president of Sun Services and Eugene McCabe to executive vice president of Worldwide Operations. Both men joined Sun in 1999 and now will be reporting directly to President and COO Jonathan Schwartz.
UNIX Market Survey Shows Consolidation Trend
Larger UNIX Systems Offer Tangible Benefits

Multi-system server farms may become obsolete if market trends continue to follow results from a recent survey conducted by IT industry research and analysis firm Gabriel Consulting Group, Inc. (GCG). This survey indicates customers are consolidating their multiple server workloads and applications on less numerous and more powerful UNIX servers.

Compliance and Management of Electronic Information
Leading Technology Vendors Form Working Group

The Compliance and Management of Electronic Information (CMEI) Working Group plans on creating a global, cross-industry framework for managing electronic information for compliance. Formed this month, the CMEI Working Group will interact with the public and private sectors along with other industry groups to achieve this goal.

Top 30 Articles for Vol 83
February, 2005

Each month, we post a list of the most popular articles from the previous month. Popularity is judged by the number of people accessing the on-line version of the articles. The 5 most popular articles for February, 2005 were:

Sun Employees Benefit from New Audio Conferencing Service
Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East Regions Upgrade to Global Solution

Sun now can reach all of its employees throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East with its latest installment of a uniform audio conferencing solution from Global Crossing. The Ready-Access Global 800 solution allows the company to communicate with its employees in 33 countries simultaneously via an international toll-free access number.

    Top Ten Articles for Last 3 Issues
    Vol 85 Issues 1, 2 and 3

    Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with the most popular articles of the current and last volumes. The top articles for the three most recent issues were:

    A Commodity Called Computing
    Sun Adding Developer, Desktop and Application Utilities
    Enterprises need to reassess their IT environments and decide if continuing to acquire computing resources and their subsequent support services are worth the expense and effort. A Sun feature article outlines the current Sun Grid model, which offers a viable alternative to the old style of computing.
    Blogs in Corporate Environments
    Consumer-oriented Companies Benefit from Freeform Expression
    The popularity of blogging has caught the attention of corporate executives who are weighing the pros and cons of incorporating this type of unfiltered communication tool within their organizations. An important element of blogs is that they portray an authentic human voice, which some corporations embrace while others fear it.
    The Next Decade's Three IT Technology Breakthroughs
    James Gosling Reveals His Picks and Other Java Thoughts
    Three important IT breakthroughs Sun CTO of the Developer Products group James Gosling anticipates to come of age over the next 10 years include the broadening of the network, complete expansion of broadband channels and Voice over/Video over IP (VOIP), in an interview with Brendon Chase of Builder AU.
    Free and Open Source S/W
    "Jakarta Commons - Online Bookshelf"
    Provides Re-usable Solutions to Everyday Development Tasks
    Manning Publications has released the "Jakarta Commons Online Bookshelf," which is an electronic collection of 14 PDF modules, each of which are focused on one of the main Jakarta Commons components that developers can use to quickly relieve everyday development tasks. Author Vikram Goyal has compiled this collection of over twenty open-source Java tools.
    "Jakarta Struts Cookbook"
    Look-up Reference to Real-world Problems
    The "Jakarta Struts Cookbook" is designed to assist developers in building Web applications by offering code solutions for common and uncommon problems encountered when working with the Struts Framework. Author Bill Siggelkow aims to provide developers with a single resource that shows how to apply Struts to specific problems that arise in Web application development.
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