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Democratization of Network Computing
The Sun Grid and Its Impact on the Industry
Executive Vice President of Strategic Development and Sun Financing Robert Youngjohns believes that this new era of network computing Sun is driving will bring more capabilities to a broader range of customers by simply tapping into the power of the network. In a Sun feature article, Youngjohns shares his views.
Record-breaking Data Warehousing Performance
Sun, Oracle Set Record on TPC-H SF3000 Benchmark
The Transaction Processing Performance Council's TPC-H SF3000 benchmark reported record-breaking data warehousing performance achieved by Sun's UltraSPARC systems and the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) on large SMP platforms and Oracle Database 10g in demanding enterprise application environments. Recorded results demonstrated 59,435.7 QphH at 3000 GB and a price-performance of USD$114.00/QphH at 3000 GB.
"Accelerating the Adoption of Grid Solutions in the Enterprise"
Enterprise Grid Alliance Outlines Future Goals

The Enterprise Grid Alliance (EGA) has produced a white paper to support its objective of further accelerating the development and adoption of enterprise grid computing solutions. This document explains the EGA's goals and roadmap, definition of the grid by functionality, obstacles to enterprise adoption and the group's goal for standards compliance and collaboration.

Developing a National Health Information Network
Open, Nonproprietary Technical Standards Demanded

In January, a group of 13 health and information technology organizations presented the Bush administration with recommendations on a technological road map that outlines its views on developing a national health information network that calls for open, nonproprietary technical standards for communication across the network.

Free and Open Source S/W
The Globus Consortium to Advance Globus Toolkit
HP, IBM, Intel and Sun Support Open Source Grid Infrastructure
The Globus Consortium is a new industry group whose aim is to advance the Globus Toolkit that brings an open standards building block for enterprise-level grid implementations. Sponsored by Sun, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Intel, this consortium intends to work in tandem with existing grid standards bodies.
Open Source Drives Competition Toward Services Market
Revenue Gains Expected For High Quality Service Providers

Industry analysts are predicting a surge in service offerings for open source software and related components as the number of open source projects downloaded for corporate use are implemented. According to an article by Martin LaMonica with CNET News, corporate customers will benefit from providers drive to usurp the services market.

Software Freedom Law Center
Free Legal Assistance for Open Source Projects, Developers

The Web site is hosting a link to a new organization that has been established to assist open source developers in the legalities of working with open source code. The Software Freedom Law Center offers free and fee-based assistance to eligible free and open source software projects.

JOnAS Completes J2EE 1.4 Compatibility Certification
First Non-commercial Open-source Application Server to be Certified
ObjectWeb's open-source application server known as JOnAS passed the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.4 Compliance Test Suite, becoming the first non-commercial, open-source application server to be certified as compliant with the J2EE specifications. JOnAS is 100 percent standard-compliant and vendor-neutral, without proprietary extensions.
"Lucene in Action"
Authoritative Guide to this Open Source Java Search Engine
Learn how to integrate the open-source Java search engine Lucene into applications with the new book, "Lucene in Action" that describes indexing data from Microsoft Word to PDF to HTML and XML. Authors Erik Hatcher and Otis Gospodnetic offer practical examples that can be implemented into applications along with best practices advice.
Sun Rack 1000-42
Offers Increased Vertical Density, Reinforcement
The latest addition to Sun rack cabinets is the Sun Rack 1000-42. A tested and qualified 19-inch EIA industry standard, the Sun Rack 1000-42 offers increased vertical density with 42 Rackable Units (RUs) and is reinforced to enable as much as 1680 lbs. of products to be preloaded and shipped directly to customers.
    EOL for Blade Platform, Server Blades, Specialty Blades
    Next-generation Blade Platform Expected in Near Future

    Sun is announcing the end of life (EOL) for the Sun Fire B1600 Blade Platform, Sun Fire B100s and Sun Fire B200x Server Blades, and the Sun Fire B10n and Sun Fire B10p Specialty Blades. Currently, Sun is working on a next-generation blade platform and expects to be releasing information soon.

    HDS Sourced Brocade Silkworm 12000, 3800 Switches EOL'd
    Last Order Date Set for April 15, 2005

    The next-generation of Sun StorEdge 9900 Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Sourced Brocade Silkworm Switches will be replacing the HDS Sourced Brocade Silkworm 12000 and 3800 Switches in order to remain synchronous with the Sun Direct switches. The last order date for these end of life switches is set for April 15, 2005.

    New Hardware Spare Parts
    For Sun Blade, Sun Fire, and Sun StorEdge Solutions

    New hardware spare parts are available for the Sun Blade 2500, Sun Fire V440, Sun StorEdge 6020, Sun StorEdge 6120, Sun StorEdge 6320, Sun StorEdge 6920 and Sun StorEdge 3511. Sun hardware spare parts have incorporated the latest design improvements by Sun engineering and verified by extensive factory testing to minimize compatibility problems.

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