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Solaris 10 - The "Bionic" OS
Result of Half-a-Billion Dollars, Multiple Years of R&D

The Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) is not just a revision of Sun's UNIX operating system, it is the result of four years of experimentation and half-a-billion dollars of R&D expertise. This product offers 600 new features, up to 80 percent system utilization and up to 30 times better application performance.

Independent Performance Testing of Sun's N2000 Series Switch
VeriTest Reports High Quality, Performance
Lionbridge's VeriTest testing division recently conducted performance testing services for Sun to produce an independent report on the Sun Secure Application Switch - N2000 Series. As an independent expert, VeriTest was selected to validate the performance of this switch's SSL Security, Layer 7 Application Switching and Layer 4 Load Balancing.
The Sun Java Enterprise System - One Year Later
Retrospective Highlights One Customer's Experience

Sun introduced the Sun Java Enterprise System one year ago and changed the enterprise software industry by providing essential enterprise network services all in one product. In a one-year retrospective, a Sun feature article offers one customer's experience, through its decision to deploy this system, and the efficiencies and savings that resulted.

"Using JConsole to Monitor Applications"
Comprehensive Monitoring, Management Offered in J2SE 5.0
The Java Monitoring and Management Console (JConsole) tool is incorporated within the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 5.0 and utilizes the extensive instrumentation of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)*. A Sun Developer Network Site article outlines how to use this tool to obtain information about an application running on the Java platform.
How to Develop Management, Monitoring Solutions
Overview of Java Management Extensions

Taking advantage of the features offered by the Java Management Extensions (JMX)* can ease the administration of Java-enabled equipment for developers and make an application more viable for vendors and clients. JMX technology allows developers to monitor and manage resources as they are implemented and installed.

Persistence Mechanisms for the Java Platform
Research Paper Provides a Comparative Analysis

Persistence mechanisms are evolving with the Java platform. In a Sun research white paper, author Mick Jordan sets out to define a set of criteria by which persistence mechanisms can be judged and compared, and aims to use this criteria to compare a representative set of currently available mechanisms.

"Partitioning of Code for a Massively Parallel Machine"
Enhancing a Classical Partitioning Algorithm

Code partioning can be a challenge for developers when dealing with large amounts of code and numerous processors. In a technical white paper entitled, "Partitioning of Code for a Massively Parallel Machine," Michael Ball, Cristina Cifuentes and Deepankar Bairagi offer their experience in designing enhancements to the classical partitioning algorithms.

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