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Cats Soon to be Out of the Bag
Customers Await Panther Chip, Possible Jaguar Kicker

Speculation on whether Sun will be releasing a kicker to its dual-core Jaguar UltraSPARC IV processors at its next product launch has customers anxiously awaiting the February 1, 2005 event. If released, this faster Jaguar chip will proceed the availability of the Panther chips in the Sun Fire product line by approximately six months.

Niagara and Rock Processors
High-end Chips May Impact Low-end Market

The Niagara and Rock processors are both high-end chips, but may have the greatest impact on the lower end of the market, particularly in clusters of commodity x86 systems where network-intensive tasks, such as Web Services and e-commerce applications, are required. Sun is testing its first manufactured silicon of Niagara.

Sun Compliance and Content Management Solution
Customer-ready System for Electronic Records

Increases in global regulatory compliance and business governance requirements have prompted Sun and AXS-One to deliver the Sun Compliance and Content Management Solution. This customer-ready system integrates Sun's storage and compliance products along with the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) and AXS-One software for a compliance solution designed for electronic records.

New Sun Communications Executive Named
Ingrid van den Hoogen to Lead Sun in New Year
Sun announced this month that Ingrid van den Hoogen has been named vice president of worldwide communications and marketing, replacing Andy Lark, who held this position for the past three years. Van den Hoogen is moving from Sun's brand experience and community marketing where she was vice president.
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Why Won't IBM Support Solaris OS for x86 Platforms?
Lack of Customer Demand or Monopolistic Behavior
Is it lack of customer demand or monopolistic behavior behind IBM's refusal to certify its enterprise software applications for the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) for x86 platforms? According to Sun insiders this move is characteristic of an "anti-competitive monolith" attempting to lock in customers, while IBM executives say that is patently untrue.
The Future of Sun's High Productivity Computing Systems
Leading Scientist Discusses Latest Technologies

John Gustafson, a senior scientist and a principal investigator for Sun's High Productivity Computing Systems (HPCS) Program recently spoke with Tim Curns, editor of HPCwire on what he views as the most important technologies in the industry today. Proximity Communication, optical interconnect and others made his list, and he explains why.

R&D Core to Sun's Competitive Edge
Sun Setting the Trends for Tomorrow

Sun's unwavering dedication to research and development enables the company to supply technology and pricing models that give businesses a competitive-edge, said Vito Bonafede, Sun's regional manager for sub-Saharan Africa, who advised corporations to take advantage of these innovative technologies now.

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