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Looking Ahead to 2005, Reflecting on 2004
McNealy Says Company Philosophy Remains the Same
Moving the computer industry from custom and standard data centers to utilized data centers is one of Sun's goals for 2005, says Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy. In a New York Times interview with Laura Rich, McNealy discusses Sun's plans for the new year and reflects on the past.
Dr. Robert Drost and Proximity Communication
From Concept to Application
Proximity Communication has propelled Dr. Robert Drost into the spotlight. This past year, he was named one of the world's top young innovators and The Wall Street Journal honored his work and a Sun team with top honors for creating a technology that industry insiders say will have a profound impact.
Sun Collaborates with the Institute of Bioinformatics-Bangalore
To Further Develop the Human Protein Reference Database

Sun has provided the Institute of Bioinformatics in Bangalore with a Computing Grid Cluster as part of Sun's Academic Excellence Grant. This move solidifies a recent technical support agreement between Sun and the Institute of Bioinformatics to ensure the institute's researchers have access to high-end computing for their continual bioinformatics research program.

Free and Open Source S/W
Mozilla's Project Lightning
To Integrate Calendar with Email Application

The Mozilla Foundation is working on a software project that will incorporate the Mozilla Calendar application, known as Sunbird, into its recently released Thunderbird email application. Code named Lightning, this project is designed to integrate tightly into the main Thunderbird UI and user interaction model. 1.1.4 Available for Download
Version 2.0 Snapshot Builds Released Bi-weekly has released version 1.1.4, with updated bug fixes, and its 1.9 build, which introduces some new features that are being previewed in advance of its upcoming version 2.0. Snapshot builds of 2.0 are released every two weeks and are available for download.
"Empowering the Enterprise With a Revolutionary Development Platform"
PDF Reveals Details of the Sun Java Studio Enterprise 7

A Sun-sponsored PDF datasheet outlines the key features, benefits and services that can be obtained with the recently released Sun Java Studio Enterprise 7. Empowering enterprise developers and architects, this software offers innovative capabilities to model, globally collaborate and tune enterprise applications with this complete develop-debug-test-deploy solution.

Business Model Overview of the Solaris 10 OS
Customers Can Choose From Four Subscription Offerings
With all the news of an open source version of the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) and the new business models now available via subscriptions, many customers are unsure about the specifics of these offerings and how they actually work. Sun is hosting an overview of its Solaris 10 OS business model on its Web site.
Two New N1 Grid Services
For Fast, Automated Provisioning of Network Services

Sun is offering two new architecture-based services for its N1 Grid - the N1 Grid Workshop and the N1 Grid Service Provisioning System Implementation Service. N1 Grid technology and services are designed for organizations deploying multiple network services that frequently change and require re-provisioning of resources and services.

"Solaris vs Linux Security in Large Enterprise Environment"
White Paper Offers a Comparative Anaylsis

A recently published white paper entitled, "Solaris vs. Linux Security in Large Enterprise Environment" provides a comparative analysis of these two platforms and their levels of security, vulnerabilities, patching frameworks and hardening. Author Dr. Nikolai Bezroukov singles out diversity as the overriding factor for IT environments to examine in determining which platform is most suitable.

Network-Attached Storage (NAS) Strategy
Sun VP Discusses Future of Product Line
The Sun StorEdge 5000 Family of NAS Appliances combine file system journaling, checkpointing, remote mirroring, remote monitoring and fault-tolerant back-end RAID arrays. These Sun solutions deliver very high levels of availability and performance in almost any open, file-based environment, and Sun is just beginning.
Project Honeycomb
Index and Search up to a Petabyte of Storage

Project Honeycomb is one of the latest technologies that Sun expects will advance its storage appliance product line. This new technology uses innovative indexing and storage software that is designed to ease and expedite file searching and retrieval features in large storage systems.

"Data Warehousing Total Cost of Ownership"
Research Analysis Compares Sun and NCR Teradata

A research report conducted by Ventana Research, Inc. entitled, "Data Warehousing Total Cost of Ownership Research on Sun Microsystems and NCR Teradata" offers organizations information on how to manage data warehousing costs for a more economical, long-term approach. A comparative analysis between Sun and NCR Teradata is outlined.

    Simplify and Improve Data Management, Protection, Compliance
    Sun StorEdge Solutions Reflect Commitment to Value

    Sun's storage product line is set to lead the industry's network storage solutions in 2005 with advancements in new technologies, such as Project Honeycomb, and its currently available solutions. Sun storage offerings are designed to simplify and improve data management, protection and compliance.

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