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Modify 32-bit Device Drivers to 64-bit Architectures
Article Identifies Issues, Offers Solutions for Successful Porting

Developers working with 32-bit and 64-bit safe drivers for the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) (x86 Platform Edition) face unique issues that could impede clean code writing. An article on the Sun Developer Network site offers descriptions, solutions and recommendations regarding possible hindrances when modifying 32-bit device drivers toward 64-bit compatibility.

Translating Electric in C to Java Electric
Sun Distinguished Engineer Shares His Experience
Electric was created in 1982 by Sun Distinguished Engineer Steven M. Rubin. It is a system that he initially developed in C for the purpose of designing and verifying chips. In 2003, Rubin decided to translate Electric into the Java programming language, resulting in a more stable, at times faster and a higher quality user interface for this system.
Learn How to Burn CDs and Validate ISO Images
Sun BigAdmin Article Helps Users Ensure Process

Burning ISO images onto CDRs is becoming increasingly routine, however the platforms and distributions of this process are changing. This, in turn, requires individuals burning ISO images to familiarize themselves with how to accurately validate their CDRs to ensure a successful burn has taken place.

Project FireEngine Networking Stack for Solaris OS
Design, Principals, Goals for this Evolving Architecture

The FireEngine networking stack is a feature being designed for the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) to enhance network performance and increase flexibility within its architecture that will evolve with customers' future networking requirements. In a Sun technical white paper, author Sunay Tripathi describes the current development of this networking stack's design and architecture.

Sun ERP Grid Reference Architecture for Oracle Database 10g
Data Fact Sheet Highlights this Cost-effective Grid Environment

Deploying reliable and high performing ERP and database solutions at an economical cost is the goal for many IT organizations. The Sun Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Grid Reference Architecture for Oracle Database 10g offers a cost-effective grid environment with high performance and availability along with enterprise-grade ERP/database deployment.

Sun's Configuration Diagram Templates
Learn How to Quickly Document a Sun System Configuration

Configuration diagrams made with StarOffice software allows users to quickly document a Sun system configuration by simply cutting and pasting previously set up templates. With Sun's configuration diagrams, details such as rack placement, internal components and connectivity of a complete system can be efficiently documented.

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