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Wholesaling Sun Technologies
Market Demands Hosted Capacity Computing Services

Sun's N1 Pay-Per-Use Grid Computing services has garnered a lot of interest within the IT industry, and Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy predicts a surge of support from service providers. With this year's launch of the pay-per-use service, Sun has "irritated the market" and proven there is a demand for hosted capacity computing services.

Testing, Innovation, R&D Set Foundation for Sun-Oracle Alliance
Customers Assured Reliable, Essential Solutions
Testing, innovation and R&D are key elements in supplying the market with solutions that meet their varying needs and growth concerns, says Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy. It is these aspects that have solidified Sun's alliance with Oracle, which in turn has gained the confidence of their customers worldwide.
Sun Strategy Driven by Choice
Supportive Options Benefit Customers

Sun's push toward interoperability and compliance with a variety of platforms, including direct competitors, along with its open source initiatives has some industry watchers perplexed. Sun executives contend that its strategy is based on offering customers the best performance solutions to meet their individual IT requirements even if it involves working with competitors' offerings.

Global Education And Learning Community Prospering
Focus is on Collaborative Open Standards-based Projects, Tools

In less than eight months, the Global Education and Learning Community (GELC) now boasts over 1330 members and has more than 177 projects underway, focusing on the development of collaborative open standards-based projects and tools for teaching and learning. As a leading advocate of the GELC, Sun reports this community already has had a positive impact.

Java Technology
"Tiger and Beyond, the Future of the Java Platform"
Developers Encouraged to Participate in Shaping Platform
Graham Hamilton, Sun Fellow on the Java Platform Team at Sun, assures developers that the recent Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 5.0 release can easily be incorporated into their application development, even with all of its significant upgrades. Hamilton also plans on inviting developers to contribute more to the advancements being considered with J2SE 6.0.
ePractice Exam for the Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer
For the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition, Version 1.0

Sun is offering an ePractice Exam on the Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer for the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) Version 1.0 (SCMAD) for interested individuals wanting to familiarize themselves with this exam. This Web-based ePractice exam prepares participants by acquainting them with the exam format and questions.

Sun Offers Career Accelerator Packages for Java Technology
Develop and Advance Skill Level and Expertise

Sun is offering a variety of comprehensive Career Accelerator Packages (CAP) to assist IT professionals develop and advance their skill level and expertise. Skills verified during the certification process ensure your ability to decrease time-to-market, increase productivity and maintain system uptime -- all of which are important to IT managers.

Sun and Oracle Continue to Expand on 20 Years of Collaborative Solutions
Scalability Achievements, Grid Computing, Data Warehousing Innovations

At the recent Oracle OpenWorld conference, it was evident that the 20-year partnership between Sun and Oracle have continually provided customers with key initiatives and solutions designed to meet the industry's ever-present needs of low-cost, innovative technologies that solve IT environment demands and present business complexities.

Next Generation Netra ATCA Blade Server Products
Sun, Pigeon Point Systems Collaborating on Development
Developing next generation Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) blade server products is key to the latest plans between Sun and one of its key technology partners, Pigeon Point Systems. The two companies will base their new developments on the latest industry specifications from PICMG.
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