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Sun Considers the Embedded Space Market
Solaris OS Scaling Down

According to In-Stat/MDR the embedded space sector encompasses 60 percent of the CPU market and Sun is examining this area of the IT industry to expand their opportunities. Specifically, the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) is a product that could help Sun penetrate the embedded space sector bringing its powerful innovation to a scaled-down environment.

Second Largest Academic Computer System in Europe
University of Nottingham Selects Sun, Streamline Computing to Build Grid
Sun and Streamline Computing have been selected to build a multi-million pound 500+ node central compute grid for the University of Nottingham that will provide three teraflops of peak computational performance. This new grid will allow University academic staff to complete a year's work in just a single day.
Smart IT Investments Benefit Retailers
Demanding Consumers Demand Smart Technologies
A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Sun indicates that 65 percent of consumers will shop elsewhere online if a particular Web site has technical glitches at the time they are ready to buy. This potential revenue loss signifies how vital it is for retailers to invest and implement smart technology.
Sun Named Best Server Solution
2004 Waters Editorial Awards Recognize Sun's Innovation
The 2004 Waters Editorial Awards selected Sun as the winner of its Best Server Solution for its innovative use of technology in the financial sector. Recognized for its "Take Wall Street by Storm" campaign launched this past September, Sun was selected for its continued dedication to offering best-in-class solutions for the industry's leading businesses.
Predictive Self-Healing with Solaris 10 OS
New Cohesive Architecture, Methodology Examined

Sun is introducing a new architecture for building and deploying systems and services capable of Predictive Self-Healing in its Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS). A Sun BigAdmin article outlines how Predictive Self-Healing can maximize the availability of the system and application services by automatically diagnosing, isolating and recovering from faults.

Micro Focus Server Express 4.0 SP1 Developer License
New Alternative to User-based Runtime License

The new Micro Focus Application Server for Server Express 4.0 SP1 offers customers the option to license by number of CPUs on the server or within a server domain used by the COBOL application, rather than a concurrent-user application server runtime license.

"SWT/JFace in Action"
Learn How to Build Powerful Java GUIs
Many developers are turning to the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) and JFace as alternatives to Swing. Acknowledging this interest, authors Matthew Scarpino, Stephen Holder, Stanford Ng and Laurent Mihalkovic have written a book to guide developers through the process of creating Eclipse-based GUIs in their book "SWT/JFace in Action."
What is Your Favorite Development Product?
Send Nominations for Product of the Year

Developers are the ones that truly know what products are the best when it comes to the practicalities of working with the latest technologies on a daily basis. That's why is requesting that developers send in their nominations on the best product of the year in a variety of categories.

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