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N1 Grid Service Provisioning System 5.0
Extends Benefits of the Solaris 10 Containers
November 29, 2004,
Volume 82, Issue 1

...N1 Grid Provisioning System 5.0 is designed to automate application provisioning...

A new version of the N1TM Grid Provisioning System is scheduled for release in December and will extend the features of the SolarisTM 10 Operating System's (Solaris OS) Containers.

The Solaris 10 Containers, formerly known as the N1TM Grid Containers, isolate software applications and services using flexible, software-defined boundaries. Each application can be given a private environment, virtually eliminating error propagation, unauthorized access and unintentional intrusions.

Version 5.0 of the N1 Grid Provisioning System will support the Solaris 10 Containers by:

  • Allowing for the expedient creation of Solaris Containers on single or multiple machines according to resource requirements
  • Automatically deploying select applications to target Solaris Containers
  • Dynamically scaling Solaris Containers up and down

The N1 Grid Provisioning System 5.0 is designed to automate application provisioning through one-touch installation, configuration and updating of thousands of servers.

Other features of this soon-to-be released solution include:

  • Support for JavaTM Authorization and Authentication Service to enable authentication via LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory
  • Enhanced access control mechanisms to allow role-based deployment and ownership of repository objects
  • Enhanced extensibility via development APIs for creation of custom plug-ins
  • Extended platform coverage

This latest version will also eliminate the need for custom scripts that often are the key to unproductive data center operations. These types of scripts are often completed just minutes before they are first used and frequently omit essential steps, miscalculate system requirements or overlook key information such as software dependencies and configuration status. These ad hoc scripts and manual procedures will be replaced by an innate application-aware approach to provisioning with the N1 Grid Service Provisioning System 5.0. This solution will provide XML-based component models for capturing important information about the structure, requirements, configuration and default procedures of the application to be provisioned.

For more specific information on these features of the N1 Grid Service Provisioning System, visit:

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