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Sun StorEdge L500 Tape Library
Scales From 30 to Over 500 Slots
November 29, 2004,
Volume 82, Issue 1

...based on a new architecture that promotes serviceability and allows the library to adapt easily...

The new Sun StorEdgeTM L500 Tape Library scales from 30 to over 500 slots and features LTO 2 drives in either LVD SCSI or native Fibre Channel (FC) technologies. Designed for a rackmount, this tape library has hot-swappable features and offers the option for redundant components, including drives and power supplies, to maximize a library system's uptime.

This latest tape library offering from Sun is based on a new architecture that promotes serviceability and allows the library to adapt easily to customers' changing tape automation needs. This Sun solution has the capability to scale dynamically in its number of slots, Cartridge Access Ports (CAPs) and drives.

The Sun StorEdge L500 Tape Library allows for the migration of currently owned drives from the L180 and L700 tape libraries. Specific drives able to migrate to the new L500 drive tray include LTO 2 FC and SCSI drives.

Sun's fibre channel tape drives incorporate FCP-2 Error Recovery that detects, retries and recovers from errors on the interface to eliminate problems without interrupting in service or performance degradation.

Key Features:

  • Native FC or SCSI drive support: Allows for the flexibility to attach to any architecture or migrate existing drives to the L500 tape library.
  • Two to 18 drives: Allows the library to scale to meet current capacity requirements as well as growing data storage needs.
  • GUI interface from a JavaTM-technology based browser: Allows for the L500 tape library to be managed either locally from the front panel or remotely from the GUI interface.
  • Rackmountable library: Allows for the L500 tape library to be mounted in an existing 19-inch rack, a SunTM Rack 900, SunTM Rack 1000 or Sun 72-inch Cabinet.

The SunSM Upgrade Advantage Storage Consolidation Program is available with this latest solution. A minimum point value of three points on the equipment being traded-in is required to qualify for the consolidation allowance. Specifications for the Sun StorEdge L500 Tape Library include:

  • Performance Per Drive: LTO-2: 30-35Mbyte/sec, up to 126 Gbyte/hr
  • Performance Per 18 Drives: LTO-2: up to 2.3 Tbyte/hr
  • Capacity and Performance: Number of cartridge slots: 30-50 slots (base module only); 395 slots (base module with 4 Drive Expansion Modules (DEMs))
  • Capacity: Minimum/maximum capacity, native (uncompressed): LTO-2 (200 Gbyte/cartridge) min. 6 Tbyte, max. 79 Tbyte (minimum based on 30 cartridges; maximum based on 395 cartridges)

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