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Sun Utility Computing for Midrange Sun StorEdge Systems
All-Inclusive, Pay-Per-Use Storage Solution
November 29, 2004,
Volume 82, Issue 1

This pay-per-use storage solution starts at USD$0.80/Sun StorEdge power unit/per month...

Sun is offering an all-inclusive, pay-for-use storage solution for customers to receive best-in-class scalability and performance along with the next generation Sun StorEdgeTM management tools for enterprises with multiple applications. The SunTM Utility Computing for Midrange Sun StorEdge Systems is ideal for enterprises with midrange storage needs looking to reduce capital expenditures, decrease storage management complexity, scale storage needs and align storage costs to business activity.

This pay-per-use storage solution starts at USD$0.80/Sun StorEdge power unit/per month that provides predictable, consistent, all-inclusive monthly bills based on actual storage usage. A Sun Power Unit (SPU) is an aggregation of features and functionality that comprehends the type and class of hardware, software, services and other related factors required to address a customer's specific business and technical needs.

With utility computing, customers are able to speed up their time-to-market by freeing up resources to focus on innovation while accommodating rapid data growth and multiple applications management with secure, scalable resources.

The Sun Utility Computing for Midrange Sun StorEdge Systems is a platform-independent offering that is available to customers for a 100 percent variable price with minimum 6 TB storage. Customers' raw storage utilization is monitored by the Sun StorEdgeSM Remote Response (SSRR) service and reported to Sun via a secure internet transfer.

This solution offers a high-density footprint with positive scaling to 65 TB per unit for improved manageability and reduced operational costs through centralized storage.

Customers are not required to outsource their storage. They may choose to host the storage offering on their own site or work with one of Sun's storage partners. As an option, customers can have Sun perform the day-to-day maintenance and management of their storage by utilizing SunTM Storage Managed Services.

Sun also offers a 24 hours-a-day Sun StorEdge capacity management service that allows for future growth, usage spikes or unpredictable storage needs. This is a custom-based feature set on predefined capacity service level agreements with each customer.

This offering includes:

  • Basic needs assessment
  • High-Performance or High-Density Storage Devices
  • All necessary installation services
  • SunSpectrumSM Platinum
  • All required cache and array controllers for business critical storage needs
  • Essential software licenses such as the Sun StorEdgeTM Availability Suite 3.2 with 1 TB Right-To-Use (RTU) license; Sun StorEdgeTM 6920 System Host Installation Software; Sun StorEdgeTM Management Software Kit; and Sun StorEdgeTM Pool Manager with unlimited RTU licenses

The SunSpectrum Platinum, hardware installations and SSRR NetConnect 3.x are bundled into the offering and may not be substituted.

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