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Capacity On Demand for Sun Fire E2900 Servers
Pay for Extra Resources Only When Used
November 29, 2004,
Volume 82, Issue 1

...with extra on demand resources...only pay for those resources when they are needed.

The Sun FireTM E2900 servers now offer a Capacity On Demand (COD) feature that allows customers to purchase servers and CPU boards with extra on demand resources and only pay for those resources when they are needed. This latest Sun option also gives customers the choice to buy the Sun Fire E2900 with as little as one active CPU.

The COD feature enables customers to configure new or existing systems with additional processor and memory resources with less up-front costs. When additional compute capacity is required, customers simply purchase a COD Right-To-Use (RTU) license and install it into the system to activate the COD resources. The customer will then pay the full amount for the COD resources only when they are all activated. This COD solution does not impose a time limit to purchase any COD RTU licenses, and there is no price premium of the COD option.

For corporations that experience spikes in their resource requirements unexpectedly, the Sun Fire E2900 COD also supports "hot spare" or headroom COD in which customers can instantly access up to four unlicensed RTUs. Customers have up to 30 days to purchase a permanent license following activation of the headroom CPUs.

RTU licenses can be ordered through the normal channels using the Sun Fire E2900 COD RTU part number: XCOD-E2900-RTU. Customer will receive a COD RTU certificate and serial number with instructions for obtaining and installing the COD license key(s).

The one active CPU option is designed so that customers can fine tune their CPU/memory requirements from one to twelve UltraSPARCTM IV processors. When ordering a Sun Fire E2900 COD system, the WebDesk configurator will require the purchase of at least one COD RTU. When the system is built, the Sun Factory will enable one CPU using the headroom COD feature. Once the system arrives on site, the system will boot on the enabled headroom CPU. At that time, the customer merely has to permanently activate the CPU with the already purchased RTU.

The Sun Fire E2900 server supports up to three CPU/memory boards, which can be any combination of COD and non-COD boards. With the SunSM Customer Ready Systems (CRS) program, customers can factory configure Sun Fire E2900 servers with all COD boards or as a mix of COD and non-COD boards. X-option UltraSPARC IV COD boards are also available for the installed base of Sun Fire E2900 and Sun FireTM V1280 servers.

All Sun enterprise and application software currently supported on any Sun FireTM E25K - V1280 servers is supported, including the Sun JavaTM Enterprise System.

The Sun Fire Midrange Server Firmware version 5.18.0 or higher comes with the enabling COD software that empowers the server to self-monitor the COD resources. With this feature, customers do not need to provide system usage reports or system monitoring.

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