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29 Nov 2004
Capacity On Demand for Sun Fire E2900 Servers
Pay for Extra Resources Only When Used

The Sun Fire E2900 servers now offer a Capacity On Demand (COD) feature that allows customers to purchase servers and CPU boards with extra on demand resources and only pay for those resources when they are needed. Customers also have a choice to buy the Sun Fire E2900 with as little as one active CPU.
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29 Nov 2004
"IPsec--A Secure Deployment Option"
Protecting Data Traffic Between Systems

A 2004 Sun BluePrints Online PDF entitled "IPsec - A Secure Deployment Option" provides an overview of IP Security or IPsec, and how it is used to secure IP traffic between two systems. Written by Regunathan Rajaiah with Sun Software Services, this 17-paged article explores IPsec as just one aspect of a total information security system.
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29 Nov 2004
"Using pGINA to Authenticate Users in Microsoft Windows Environments"
Article Targets Mixed Environments

Authors Dave Pickens and Kent Price have written a Sun BluePrints Online article entitled, "Using pGINA to Authenticate Users in Microsoft Windows Environments" to assist users in setting up a unified authentication scheme in a heterogeneous environment that includes UNIX-based computing systems and Microsoft Windows.
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29 Nov 2004
Save $500 on an Instructor-led Course
Train Now, Receive Discount on Next Class

Attend a three- to five-day instructor-led class from now until January 14, 2005, and receive USD$500 off your next three- to five-day instructor-led class. Within two weeks after attending the initial class, a $500 coupon will be mailed directly to you.
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