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Industry's First JVM to Support 64-bit Systems
Solaris 10 Also Universally Supports Sun's Tools, Java Platforms

Not only does the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) support Sun's complete line of development tools and Java technology development platforms, it's Java Development Kit comes with the industry's first Java Virtual Machine (JVM)* that supports 64-bit systems. This JVM is powered by AMD Opteron processors with AMD64 technology.

N1 Grid Service Provisioning System 5.0
Extends Benefits of the Solaris 10 Containers
A new version of the N1 Grid Provisioning System is scheduled for release in December and will extend the features of the Solaris 10 Operating System's (Solaris OS) Containers. Version 5.0 of the N1 Grid Provisioning System will support the Solaris 10 Containers in creating, deploying and scaling aspects of this technology.
Sun Cluster 3.1 9/04 Software
New Powerful Manageability Features

The third update release of the Sun Cluster 3.1 software offers new manageability features, an increased choice in agents and additional configuration options for Oracle RAC. This software update is accessible to customers with active subscription licenses for the Sun Java Enterprise System and is being shipped asynchronously as well with this same Sun system.

Get Half-Off Solaris 9 OS x86 Licenses, Software Support
With Trade-up From Commercial Linux License

Sun is offering 50 percent off all Solaris 9 Operating System (Solaris OS) (x86 Platform Edition) licenses and S4 software support with a trade-in of a commercially paid Linux license. This "one license for one license" program also offers a free upgrade to the Solaris 10 OS with the purchase of support.

Sun Utility Computing for Midrange Sun StorEdge Systems
All-Inclusive, Pay-Per-Use Storage Solution

Sun is offering an all-inclusive, pay-for-use storage solution for customers to receive best-in-class scalability and performance along with the next generation Sun StorEdge management tools for enterprises with multiple applications. The Sun Utility Computing for Midrange Sun StorEdge Systems is ideal for enterprises with midrange storage needs.

Repricing Select Sun StorEdge 3000 Arrays
3310 SCSI Array, 3510 FC Array, 3511 FC Array with SATA

To provide customers with affordable storage products, Sun is reducing its price on the Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI Array, Sun StorEdge 3510 FC Array and Sun StorEdge 3511 FC Array with SATA. Sun also is converting all standard configurations into random configurations to streamline the Sun StorEdge 3000 product family.

Sun StorEdge L500 Tape Library
Scales From 30 to Over 500 Slots
The new Sun StorEdge L500 Tape Library scales from 30 to over 500 slots and features LTO 2 drives in either LVD SCSI or native Fibre Channel (FC) technologies. Designed for a rackmount, this tape library has hot-swappable features and offers the option for redundant components, including drives and power supplies.
Customers Migrating to Sun StorEdge 9990, 9970, 9980 Systems
EOL for Sun StorEdge 9960, 9910 Systems

With Sun customers migrating to the Sun StorEdge 9990, 9970 and 9980, the company has decided to EOL the Sun StorEdge 9960 and 9910 systems that will be available for customers to order until February 18, 2005, with their last ship date set for May 20, 2005.

Capacity On Demand for Sun Fire E2900 Servers
Pay for Extra Resources Only When Used
The Sun Fire E2900 servers now offer a Capacity On Demand (COD) feature that allows customers to purchase servers and CPU boards with extra on demand resources and only pay for those resources when they are needed. Customers also have a choice to buy the Sun Fire E2900 with as little as one active CPU.
"IPsec--A Secure Deployment Option"
Protecting Data Traffic Between Systems

A 2004 Sun BluePrints Online PDF entitled "IPsec - A Secure Deployment Option" provides an overview of IP Security or IPsec, and how it is used to secure IP traffic between two systems. Written by Regunathan Rajaiah with Sun Software Services, this 17-paged article explores IPsec as just one aspect of a total information security system.

"Using pGINA to Authenticate Users in Microsoft Windows Environments"
Article Targets Mixed Environments

Authors Dave Pickens and Kent Price have written a Sun BluePrints Online article entitled, "Using pGINA to Authenticate Users in Microsoft Windows Environments" to assist users in setting up a unified authentication scheme in a heterogeneous environment that includes UNIX-based computing systems and Microsoft Windows.

Save $500 on an Instructor-led Course
Train Now, Receive Discount on Next Class

Attend a three- to five-day instructor-led class from now until January 14, 2005, and receive USD$500 off your next three- to five-day instructor-led class. Within two weeks after attending the initial class, a $500 coupon will be mailed directly to you.

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