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NC04Q4 Recap of New Products and Solutions
Strongest Year Ever for Sun's Product Portfolio
November 22, 2004,
Volume 81, Issue 4

...Sun's lineup today is stronger than at any time in Sun's history...

-- Jonathan Schwartz

Sun's recent Network Computing launch offered a myriad of products and services. Over fiscal year 2004, Sun reported that its quarterly launches have produced the most innovative systems portfolio in the company's history.

"The breadth of Sun's lineup today is stronger than at any time in Sun's history and our competition is sitting up and taking note," said Jonathan Schwartz, Sun's president and COO. "Sun's unwavering dedication to R&D enables us to supply our customers with technology and innovative pricing models that give them a competitive edge. The future of Network Computing will be driven by those willing to buck the status quo, conquer existing cultural barriers and shift capital away from today's fixed-cost models and closed systems."

The following are highlights of Sun's latest innovations.

  • SolarisTM 10 Operating System (Solaris OS): With over 600 new innovations including ZFS file storage, Dynamic Tracing (D-Trace), containers and the best UNIXR to Linux interoperability, Solaris 10 sets a new benchmark for operating system performance, vendor neutrality and security.

  • Sun FireTM Systems Advancements with UltraSPARCTM IV and Opteron: Sun's dual core UltraSPARC IV processor has revamped Sun's entire UltraSPARC family of systems enabling enterprises to scale up to nearly twice the horsepower of previous Sun systems in the same footprint while featuring better price-performance than IBM and HP offerings. The introduction of the AMD Opteron processor into Sun Fire systems running 32-bit and 64-bit applications offers a system that is 45 percent faster than comparable systems and runs Solaris OS, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux or Windows operating systems with Microsoft Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) certifications. Sun FireTM B200x Blade Server is a dual processor x86 blade server with Intel Xeon processors.

  • New Subscription Models: Subscription-based SunSM Preventive Services, SunTM Utility Computing for StorEdge Systems, Utility Computing for High-End Grid and a new subscription-based pricing model for the Solaris OS offers customers access to services, storage, software and grids of computing power as easily as buying utility services such as phone, power or water.

  • SunTM Studio 10 Preview: Sun Studio 10 software delivers outstanding performance for C, C++ and Fortran developers for Solaris OS and Linux operating systems. It provides a world-class environment for developing scalable 32- and 64-bit applications on Sun's newest UltraSPARCTM IV, Intel Xeon and AMD-based systems, including AMD Opteron 64-bit systems.
  • SunTM Control Station 2.2: Enables a system administrator to keep x86-based volume servers as well as Sun JavaTM Desktop Systems up-to-date with the latest software and advances. Enables the administrator to deploy hundreds of systems in a matter of hours.

  • Sun StorEdgeTM 6130 Array: Positioned at the low-end of midrange storage solutions, this disk array with built-in data services is especially well-suited for single application deployment.
  • Sun StorEdgeTM 5310 NAS: This is the new midrange NAS appliance in the Sun StorEdge 5000 NAS Appliance family. It features capacity points of up to 16TB of high performance Fibre channel RAID external storage reaching an estimated 30K + SPEC SFS IOPS. The Sun StorEdge 5310 NAS is available in single and dual clustered NAS server configurations.
  • Sun StorEdgeTM L500 Tape Library: The L500 is a midrange (single rack) tape library used for archiving and content management.
  • Sun StorEdgeTM Enterprise Storage Manager 3.0 Advanced Applications: Provides open, integrated, heterogeneous storage area management. With this software, IT organizations can discover, visualize, monitor, report on, chargeback on and provision complex multivendor storage networks from a single Web-based enterprise platform with unprecedented simplicity and speed.
  • Sun StorEdgeTM Compliance Archiving Software: This software helps address the most stringent requirements for electronic storage media retention and protection.

  • SunTM Secure Application Switch - N2000 Series: Assists enterprises reduce the cost and complexity of secure network computing through improved resource utilization, service consolidation and leading price/performance. It integrates Gigabit wire-speed application switching, chip-level embedded security and dynamic resource virtualization.

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