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Solaris 10 OS Accelerating Sun's Ecosystem
NC04Q4 Outlined Advances in Utilization, Performance, Security
Sun's Network Computing '04Q4 (NC04Q4) launch focused on advances in services, storage, security and microprocessors along with the much anticipated release of the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS). Sun President and COO Jonathan Schwartz outlined how the Solaris 10 OS and Sun's other new product innovations address specific customer needs.
Free Commercial Grade Solaris 10 OS
Plus Subscription-based Offerings, Support

Sun is offering customers and partners free access to the Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) for commercial purposes plus service and support for the Solaris OS that is up to 40 percent less expensive than the leading Linux distribution.

Sun Secure Application Switch -- N2000 Series
Application-level Security for Secure Network Applications

Dramatic improvements in the availability, performance and security of distributed network applications can be realized with the recently released Sun Secure Application Switch -- N2000 Series. This application switch delivers dynamic network resource virtualization to help cut the costs of dedicated, redundant, under-utilized systems infrastructure.

Scalable Rocks Cluster Toolkit
Easy-to-use Cluster Configuration, Management Package

Scalable Rocks Cluster Toolkit is a user-friendly cluster configuration and management package designed to assist customers in bringing their own clusters online quickly. Part of a collaborative project between Sun and Singapore-based Scalable Systems Pte. Ltd, this toolkit is certified for the Sun Fire V20z and V40z servers with AMD Opteron processors.

Top Ten Articles for Last 3 Issues
Vol 80 Issue 4, Vol 81 Issues 1 and 2

Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with the most popular articles of the current and last volumes. The top articles for the three most recent issues were:

  • 80.4: Laying Rumors to Rest
  • 81.2: November 15th - Big Day for Solaris OS
  • 81.2: Linux-Solaris OS Alliance
Leveraging DTrace for Device Driver Development
Case Study Focuses on Solaris 10 OS Tool

With the release of Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS), developers are wanting to learn the latest information on how to incorporate this release's innovative features into their computing environments. Understanding this interest, an article on the Sun Developer Network Site offers a case study on Dynamic Tracing.

"WS-Security Interoperability Using WSE 2.0 and Sun JWSDP 1.4"
Secure Messages Between .Net and J2SE

While the Sun-Microsoft collaborative project is still underway, some of the companies' products are currently capable of being integrated to serve heterogeneous environments. In support of interoperability, the Sun Developer Network Site is hosting an article by Simon Guest of Microsoft on using Microsoft's WSE 2.0 and Sun's Java WSDP 1.4 for WS-Security interoperability.

N1 Grid Toolkit Offers Deal for Developers
Free License for N1 Grid Service Provisioning System
Receive a free developer's license for the N1 Grid Service Provisioning System 4.1 software with Sun's N1 Grid Toolkit. This license allows developers to design, develop and test software plans and components created by using the N1 Grid Service Provisioning System 4.1.
Ask The Experts
Get Answers on Solaris 10 OS, DTrace and More

If you are struggling with a particular aspect of one of Sun's latest technologies or even older ones, visit the Sun BigAdmin Web site that hosts an experts section where your specific questions can be answered. These Q&A sessions allow developers to have their specific problem or curiosity addressed by a Sun expert.

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