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Sun Java Studio Enterprise 7 Suite
Advancements in UML, Application Profiling, Team Collaboration

At this month's Sun Tech Days developer conference held in New York, Sun introduced the Sun Java Studio Enterprise 7 development environment and a new tools promotion featuring the Sun Java Studio Creator. An early access version of this software was offered to conference attendees and will be generally available by mid-December.

Sun Strengthens Alliances with Topspin, Meiosys
Projects to Benefit Solaris OS

Sun continues to strengthen its alliances. In two separate announcements, the company revealed it is expanding its alliance with Topspin Communications to include support of the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) and extending its collaborative work with Meiosys to port the MetaCluster portfolio of solutions to this Sun platform.

Sun Fire V40z Sets Performance Benchmark
New World Record for Technical Compute Servers
The Sun Fire V40z server has achieved world record results on SPEC OMPM2001. Configured with four AMD Opteron processors Model 850, this server achieved a result of 8,694 using the AMD Opteron processor-based compiler suite from The Portland Group (PGI) to build the OpenMP parallel applications.
Security Promotion Offers Risk-free Trial
Sun Managed Security Services Promotes IDS

Sun Managed Security Services is offering solution providers an incentive to introduce its outsourced Intrusion Detection System (IDS) services and associated security technologies for a risk-free, 90-day trial. This promotion is designed upon network-based IDS sensors from SourceFire that delivers easy-to-read reports when a threat is detected.

Top Ten Articles for Last 3 Issues
Vol 80 Issue 3 and 4, Vol 81 Issue 1

Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with the most popular articles of the current and last volumes. The top articles for the three most recent issues were:

New Sun StorEdge 6130 Array with Data Services
Offers Lower Price Point with Advanced Features
The new Sun StorEdge 6130 array provides advanced data protection combined with application-oriented management and high-availability, allowing customers to leverage some of the benefits found in the higher-end Sun StorEdge 6920 system at a lower price point. It also can consolidate storage classes without disrupting critical applications.
Keeping a Competitive Edge
Sun StorEdge 9980, 9970 Repriced

Maintaining a competitive edge in the market of data center solutions, Sun is offering 15 percent off its Sun StorEdge 9980 and 9970 systems on average hardware configurations. In addition, Sun is repricing the Sun StorEdge 9910 and 9960 146 GB Disk Drive Canisters.

New Sun StorEdge 9900 Software Features
ESCON Cable Options Also Available
Additional Sun StorEdge 9900 software features are now available for the Sun StorEdge 9990 system along with ESCON cable options. These software features include the Sun StorEdge 9900 Universal Volume Manager; Compatible Mirroring for IBM FlashCopy v1; Volume Security Port Option; and DB Discovery for Oracle 9i.
Sun StorEdge 6920 System Promotion Extended
Added Services Now Available Through February 2005

Sun is extending its Sun StorEdge 6920 system promotion that offers additional installation, implementation, training and a service contract upgrade with the purchase of this Sun midrange system. Customers can now take advantage of this offer through February 18, 2005.

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