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Sun's Disruptive Innovation
Engaging Customers, Confusing Competition

Is Sun too innovative for its customers? That questions was posed to Sun President and COO Jonathan Schwartz, who responded that any disruptive innovative changes the company makes are "remarkably focused" with an overall goal to engage customers.

Sun's Future Opteron Product Line
Network Systems Group Reserved

Sun's Network Systems Group Executive Vice President John Fowler recently spoke to Timothy Prickett Morgan for The Linux Beacon about Sun's future roadmap for its Opteron processors. Development of these processors within the Sun product line is being headed by Andy Bechtolsheim, a Sun and Kealia founder.

Games On-Demand
Sun, Infinium Labs Envision 24- Hour Access
With the help of Sun, Infinium's flagship Phantom Game Service will be accessible to interested gamers right in their own home. The two companies plan on creating a network and infrastructure to stream content of the game service directly into homes that will allow access to an extended library of PC games on-demand.
RFID Demands, Partnerships Spur on Sun Malaysia
Goal: 300 Percent Growth in Four Years

The momentum of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in Malaysia Sdn Bhd is being enthusiastically embraced by Sun Malaysia. The company's managing director Cheam Tat Inn says he plans on exploring new market segments and leveraging strategic partnerships with a goal to increase Sun Malaysia's revenue by 300 percent within three to four years.

Sun Java System
Practical SOA with the Sun Java Enterprise System
Sun, SeeBeyond Expand Agreement
A technology and marketing agreement between Sun and SeeBeyond will feature Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions and composite application delivery via the Sun Java Enterprise System. This agreement calls for components of SeeBeyond Integration Composite Application Network (SeeBeyond ICAN 5) Suite to be ported to the Sun Java System Application Server 8.
Sun Java Enterprise System
Delivering Business Value to the Telco Industry

A Sun white paper entitled "Delivering Business Value to the Telecommunications Industry with Sun Java Enterprise System" aims to show how this Sun solution can revolutionize infrastructure software. By combining mainstream technology with telecommunication reference architectures, this paper asserts that cost and complexity from acquisition to deployment can be lowered with this software.

Implementing the Sun Java Enterprise System
Orange SA's Integration

Orange SA, the mobile arm of the France Telecom Group, selected the Sun Java Enterprise System last month for its software infrastructure to support its European operations. With this Sun software, Orange expects to significantly reduce its operating expenses by lowering its maintenance and development costs, while simplifying its software licensing structure.

Sun Java System RFID Software for Linux
Features and Benefits Highlighted

The Sun Java System RFID Software is now available for Linux. This Sun software enables the management of essential RFID hardware, such as RFID tags and readers. This software filters and makes sense of RFID data received from tags before enabling integration of this data with back-end enterprise information systems.

Get Maximum Levels of Application Service Availability
Sun Cluster Software Offers Improved Uptime, Reliability

This year's exciting Major League Baseball season had numerous fans wanting up-to-the-minute information about their teams and players, and relied on Sun hardware and the Sun Cluster software to ensure just that. A recent release of the Sun Cluster 3 software is helping customers improve their application services.

Sun Studio 9 Software Suite
Ease of Development for C, C++, Fortran
Enterprise developers, HPTC engineers and scientists will find the Sun Studio 9 software is designed with them in mind. It integrates tools that developers use on a daily basis for writing software applications for the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) and Linux platforms.
Java Card Enterprise Software
Security, Interoperability Benefits

The Java Card Enterprise Software is an enterprise security product that allows interoperability of the Java Card technology platform with different computing environments. Besides the benefit of reducing deployment costs, this software also preserves the security and interoperability benefits of Java technology-based smart cards.

Sun Java RFID System Media Kit Updates
Hard Copy CDs Now Offered

Customers can now get the Sun Java RFID System Media Kit updates on CD. Sun is making these available on physical media for customers who prefer a hard copy CD instead of downloading updates. Customers will need to request a media kit, which will include the software and soft copy documentation.

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