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Sun/Microsoft Integration Project Progressing
Exec Says its More Complex Than Envisioned

Sun and Microsoft are making headway on their technology's integration work, but the complexities and extensiveness required to bring these two IT giants' products together are proving to be more complicated than anticipated, Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy revealed at a recent press conference.

Laying Rumors to Rest
McNealy Shares His Thoughts with Editorial Board

Attempting to lay rumors to rest and direct interested observers to Sun's strategic plans, Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy answered questions posed to him by the Mercury News editorial board. From customer lock-in to a lack of investment in SPARC, McNealy recently addressed these and other issues.

Revitalizing Products and Services
Sun Stirring Up Industry Interest

All year long, Sun has been revitalizing itself and shaking up the competition. Expansion and modifications in its hardware, software and services has the industry watching in anxious anticipation on the influence these changes will have on Sun and the industry as a whole.

Commodity, Competition and Evolving Technology
Sun's Maverick Jonathan Schwartz Explains

The word of the day is commodity, says Sun President and COO Jonathan Schwartz, and Sun is embracing the business of commodities, competition and the evolution of technology. Schwartz recently discussed his views on these aspects of the market with Computerworld's Rodney Gedda, who described his subject as a true maverick.

Free and Open Source S/W
NetBeans 4.0 Beta 2 Release Supports J2SE 5.0
NetBeans 4.1 Early Access Release Also Available

NetBeans 4.0 Beta 2 is available for download alone or bundled with Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 5.0. J2SE 5.0 offers important new language updates, like metadata, generics, enumerated types and autoboxing of primitive types, and NetBeans IDE 4.0 supports these in its editor, debugger, refactoring and other areas.

Get Early Access JFluid with NetBeans 3.6
Profiling Tool to be Added to Java Studio IDE

NetBeans Profiler Milestone 2 is an integrated CPU and memory profiler for NetBeans IDE 3.6. Based on Sun Labs JFluid research project, this profiler offers over 20 bug fixes, new features and improvements including usability enhancements and Threads profiling. Also, Sun plans on shipping JFluid software with its 2005 Java Studio IDE release.

APIs to Support Multiple Vendors' Solutions
Eliminates Integration Roadblocks, Speeds Delivery

A new series of application program interfaces (APIs) that allow component-based solutions from multiple vendors to function together is the next goal of the OSS through Java Initiative (OSS/J). These new APIs -- Pricing, Discovery and Order Management -- were selected because they are instrumental in reducing implementation times and maintenance costs.

"Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing"
Explores the Vision of Open Source to its Practical Implications
With the recent talk regarding open source and licensing, Andrew M. St. Laurent has written a handy resource guide explaining the difference between the open source vision and the practical implication of its legal underpinnings. The book covers the gamut, from copyright law and contracts to the intricacies of licensing.
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