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Sun Disaster Recovery Managed Services Ensures Business Continuity
Sun and SunGard Partner to Strengthen Low-Cost Disaster Recovery Solutions

When a disaster happens, businesses need to ensure information is securely protected and expediently recovered. The Sun Disaster Recovery Managed Services ensures mission-critical data and operations get back online securely and as quickly as possible. This service reduces costs of engagement and simplifies the delivery of a complete disaster recovery solution.

Sun Develops Customized Network for New York City
Hotline Handles Over Eight Million Calls Per Year
If you are ever in New York City and need non-emergency assistance, rest assured that your call will be answered thanks to Sun. A state-of-the-art Customer (Citizen) Relationship Management System was customized by Sun, Accenture and partners to ensure reliability, speed, flexibility and best-in-class customer service that is accessible by simply dialing 311.
New iForce Partner Programs and Tools
Designed to Keep FY2004 Sales Momentum

Several new and enhanced programs and tools designed to help increase sales opportunities and broaden partner knowledge of key Sun technologies and solutions were recently presented at the MOCA Net@Work Partner Forum conference held earlier this month. These offerings are designed to deliver solutions that reduce cost and time-to-market while increasing partner revenue opportunities.

Single User Edition of StarOffice 7, StarSuite 7
Introduce Software Solutions to Enterprise, Midmarket Customers
Single user editions of StarOffice 7/StarSuite 7 software are available for resale by authorized and permissioned iForce partners. This retail version of StarOffice is designed to introduce this software to enterprise and midmarket customers. A minimal 100 units per order, per language is required with a 21-day lead time, plus time for shipping.
"Secure Network Access Platform Partner Ecosystem Architectural Guide"
Overview of Architecture, Complementary Partner Solutions

This recently published white paper provides readers with a guide to the Secure Network Access Platform Reference Architecture and some of its complementary offerings available through Sun partners that address specific business and security issues facing today's customers.

Beta Program for Sun Java System Application Server 8 2004Q4
Shape Future of Sun Java Product Design

Sun is inviting customers and business partners to participate in the Beta Program for the Sun Java System Application Server 8 2004Q4 to assist in the future of this product's continued development. Three tiers of participative commitment are being offered for all levels of time and resource availability.

"Federated Identity: Single Sign-On Among Enterprises"
Sun Java System Access Manager Ideal Security Foundation

Authenticating a user's identity is critically important when dealing with an enterprise that needs assurance that an authorized user is accessing and updating information. Implementing federated identity along with Single Sign-On (SSO) is the ideal solution, and the Sun Java System Access Manager offers just that.

How to Use J2SE 5.0 Static Imports and Formatter
Core Java Technologies Tech Tips Explores Tiger's Features
The October 5th issue of Core Java Technologies Tech Tips focuses on two issues involving the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 5.0 - static imports for constants and methods, and formatting output with J2SE 5.0's formatter. These tips focus on some of the new language features introduced in Tiger.
"Developing Auto-ID Solutions using Sun Java System RFID Software"
Details on Technology's Architecture, Design, Implementation

An aspect of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is Automatic Identification or Auto-ID. This solution takes data collection directly to computer systems without the need of human contact. A recent Sun Developer Network article shows developers the ins-and-outs of this technology and how to develop Auto-ID solutions using the Sun Java System RFID Software.

Java Live Hosts Talk on Project Looking Glass
Chat with Hideya Kawahara, Paul Byrne and Deron Johnson

Join Project Looking Glass' creator Hideya Kawahara and two other key project engineers, Paul Byrne and Deron Johnson, for a Java Live session scheduled for Tuesday, October 26th, at 11 a.m. PDT/6 p.m. UTC. This online chat session will offer insights into the 3D windowing project.

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