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Solaris Resource Manager 1.0
allocate and control major system resources
October 27, 1998,
Volume 8, Issue 1

A software tool for enabling resource availability for users, groups and applications. It provides the ability to allocate and control major system resources such as CPU, virtual memory, and number of processes. Solaris Resource Manager software is the key enabler for server consolidation and increased system resource utilization.

The Solaris Resource Manager (SRM) redefines the traditional model where a critical application was hosted on a single system. Server resources utilizing Solaris can be controlled using methods similar to mainframe-class systems. Multiple applications and groups receive a consistent level of service on a single server. In fact, resources can be allocated to the individual user. Resource utilization can actually increase because unused capacity is dynamically allocated to active users and applications. Systems can become easier to manage because system administrators have the ability to set and enforce resource usage policies. SRM software makes resource usage data available for use into user-defined reports, accounting tools and scripts.

SRM includes the following features: - Ability to control CPU, virtual memory, number of processes, number of logins, and connect time - Fair-share allocation: Dynamically allocate CPU resources according to predefined policies - Hierarchical control model: Map resources to groups within applications and individual users within groups - Policy-based resource administration: Ability to set resource policies The following are targeted applications:

Server Consolidation: Consolidating enterprise application and database yield environments where significant cost savings are generated and resource utilization. Smaller servers can be consolidated to larger, more reliable servers.

Web-site hosting: Hundreds of small web servers can be consolidated to larger servers. Each customer receives the specific level of web resources that they purchased from an ISP.

Site with large number of users: Where there are users with different requirements, resources can be guaranteed for specified levels of service.

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