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Netra j 3.0 Software
provides the tools required to deploy and manage Network Computers
November 6, 1998,
Volume 8, Issue 1

Netra j software is intended for customers wishing to deploy JavaStation systems and/or PCs running JavaPC software or other Java webtops. Netra j 3.0 software simplifies and expedites small and large deployments of Java clients.

The JavaStation system is ideal for fixed-function, application- specific deployments, and is finding its greatest success when deployed into high-volume markets with fixed-function, main applications such as reservation systems, transaction terminals, order entry, kiosks, and others.

All of these features can be added to the reliability, scalability, and robustness of a Sun server. Sun servers with Netra j 3.0 software can operate standalone or coexist with other Sun and/or Windows NT-based servers.

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