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9 GB Disks for A1000, D1000, and A3500 Arrays
New configurations, Prices, X-Options, Upgrades
November 10, 1998,
Volume 8, Issue 1

9 GB, 10000-rpm disk drives can be configured into Sun StorEdge A1000, D1000, and A3500 storage subsystems. X-option and upgrade disks are also available. The new disk drive will provide approximately 25 to 30 percent more IOPS from the arrays when compared to arrays with 7200-rpm drives.

Sun has announcing the following:

  • New pricing for Sun StorEdge A1000, D1000, and A3500 arrays and upgrades with 18-GB disks
  • Competitive Upgrades
  • Special promotional pricing of upgrades for Sun StorEdge A1000, D1000, and A3500 arrays
  • Price changes to previously announced promotional pricing of upgrades
  • Introduction of the Sun StorEdge A3500-Light array
  • Transition of Sun StorEdge A3500 array configurations with 9 GB, 7200-rpm disks

Prices range from about $1275 for an individual disk to about $500k for a 1,635 GB Sun StorEdge A3500 (which includes three controller modules and fifteen disk trays with 9 GB disks mounted in two Sun StorEdge 72-inch expansion cabinets with six 12-meter UltraSCSI cables)

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