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Solstice DiskSuite Support for Sun StorEdge Arrays
Bootability for Sun StorEdge A1000, A3000, and A3500 Arrays
October 25, 1998,
Volume 8, Issue 1

Solstice DiskSuite, version 4.1 adds support for all workgroup products, including the Sun StorEdge A1000, D1000, A3000, and A3500 arrays. All workgroup products are now bootable with a script that is available on the web. In the past, only the Sun StorEdge D1000 was bootable; the Sun StorEdge A1000, A3000, and A3500 have been added to the list.

Sun is shipping rack-mountable versions of the A1000 and D1000 arrays, which can be configured to order in the Sun StorEdge expansion rack. The D1000 arrays are also now supported as a configured option in the Enterprise 5500,6500, and 10000 server system racks. Configured versions of rack-mountable A1000 and D1000 arrays are now available.

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