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Real-time extensions for Java
requirements outlined by NIST
November 3, 1998,
Volume 8, Issue 1

Sun announced the intent to develop real-time extensions for the Java platform. The creation of this specification will take place in collaboration with members of the industry interested in standard real-time functionality for the Java platform. Sun's implementation of the real-time specification for the Java platform is intended to empower developers with the technology and tools to write mission critical, real-time applications, entirely in the Java programming language.

Sun expects to utilize the requirements outlined by the working group guided by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) of which Sun is a participant. The group, formed of companies and institutions in the embedded software market, has come together to deliver guidelines for a ubiquitous Java technology standard for real-time computing. The group will provide Sun with the output of their efforts so that the technology guidelines can be used in the creation of a Java platform standard extension for real-time computing.

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