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TPC-D 1 TB Record
Sun E1000/Oracle8i Capture Lead TPC-D Position
November 3, 1998,
Volume 8, Issue 1

Sun recently posted its third world record for the TPC-D 1 TB (SF1000) benchmark with a single Sun Enterprise 10000 server - running the highly robust Solaris operating environment and Oracle8i database. The single node Starfire server, Sun StorEdge A5000 Fibre Channel Array and Sun StorEdge A3000 Array disk subsystems and Oracle8i demonstrate that large companies can process and store more data than ever before, allowing them to improve business decision making associated with large enterprise data warehousing systems. These tests also showcase Sun StorEdge systems' enormous bandwidth with extremely high I/O per second response, giving customers faster access to massive amounts of data.

This record benchmark is the first TPC-D result using Oracle8i, and is a product of joint engineering and development between Sun and Oracle to optimize the performance of Oracle8i on the Solaris operating environment. The only vendors who have been able to complete the TPC-D benchmark at the 1 TB level are Sun, IBM and NCR. To perform this test, IBM and NCR used a more complex multi-system approach requiring as many as 48 system nodes to achieve the #2 and #4 spots. By contrast, Sun's scalable Starfire server can accommodate up to 64 processors, all in a single system - making it easier to manage than multiple node systems offered by other vendors.

Sun's flagship Starfire server together with Sun's industry leading Fibre Channel Sun StorEdge A5000 Arrays delivered a record 27,024.6 QppD@1000GB with throughput of 5,740.0 QthD@1000GB and a price/performance record of 776 $/QphD@1000GB and a five-year lifetime price of $9,660,193. The system, running Oracle8i release 8.1.5 and Solaris 2.6 operating environment, was configured for this benchmark with: 64 UltraSPARC II 336 MHZ CPUs, (each with a 4 MB external cache), 60 GB of memory, and Sun StorEdge A5000 Fibre Channel Array disk subsystems and Sun StorEdge A3000 Array disk subsystems totaling 9.6 TB of storage. All tests were run using RAID-5 to provide data protection. The configuration will be available on January 15, 1999.

Sun also reported achieving 2.8 GB/sec delivered bandwidth for large transfers and 92,000 IO/sec for 2Kbyte IOs with the Sun StorEdge A5000 array in concurrent tests during the TPC-D benchmark. Tests were conducted at Sun's Large Scale Computing Center in Beaverton, Oregon.

The TPC-D benchmark is a performance metric established by the Transaction Processing Council to demonstrate data warehousing and decision support capabilities using a suite of business-oriented queries with concurrent updates. TPC-D measurements are produced for customers to evaluate the performance of various decision support systems by executing sets of queries against a standard database under controlled conditions.

Oracle8i, the Database for Network Computing, is designed to manage large amounts of information securely, reliably and economically over computer networks. Oracle8i is a versatile information platform designed to enable high-speed transactions for improved business analysis and sophisticated object-relational applications. Built on a foundation of proven technology, Oracle8i is designed to provide reduced computing costs, management for all types of data, while delivering increased information access to all levels of systems users.

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