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"Installing and Using the Sun Java Desktop System"
Article Touches on Basics from User Experience
September 27, 2004,
Volume 79, Issue 5

...Sun is offering the Sun Java Desktop System at half its price until December 2, 2004...

User experience often provides the best methods and advice when installing and using new software. Sun recognizes this fact and has posted a BigAdmin article from a reader who recently installed the Sun JavaTM Desktop System.

This fully integrated desktop client environment comes with administration and developer tools and enterprise-ready support. The Sun Java Desktop System has become quite popular due to these features as well as its affordability. In fact, Sun is offering the Sun Java Desktop System at half its price until December 2, 2004, to anyone interested in replacing their existing desktop.

This BigAdmin article does not focus on cost, but rather concentrates on installation tips. The author begins by noting that a media kit can be purchased or, if a user prefers, ISO images can be downloaded from the Sun Download Center:

Steps on installing the software are provided in a numbered format, with details on what can be expected with each step. A partions table gives readers a quick review of the partitions and sizes recommended for the disk.

The author uses a bulleted format to describe clean installation and dual booting for easy-to-read instructions.

Other topics highlighted briefly include:

  • Printer installation
  • General user interface description
  • List of included system management tools
  • StarOfficeTM 7.0
  • MozillaTM browser
  • Evolution email client
  • Calendaring and contact management with Evolution
  • Project management with MrProject

To read the complete article, visit:

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