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Authenticate Accesses to Web Apps Against Databases
Using Sun Java System Access Manager, JDBC Authentication Module
September 27, 2004,
Volume 79, Issue 5

...the authentication service of Access Manager can verify user credentials and accord them access to a simple Web application...

Sun JavaTM System Access Manager 2004Q2 provides open, standards-based authentication and policy-based authorization with a single, unified framework. The Sun Developer Web site is hosting an article demonstrating how to use the Access Manager to authenticate accesses to Web applications against databases.

This article written by Jie Shen and David Zhu specifically "illustrates how to customize a JavaTM Database Connectivity (JDBCTM) authentication module so that the authentication service of Access Manager can verify user credentials and accord them access to a simple Web application, which calls the authentication service through the Access Manager Software Development Kit (SDK)."

Shen and Zhu begin with an overview of the Access Manager, formerly known as the Sun JavaTM System Identity Server, authentication framework. Focusing on the Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) API, the authors describe how Access Manager uses this application interface.

The article continues with why adopting the JDBC authentication module is beneficial to businesses and provides figures, along with steps, demonstrating the procedure for implementation of this module.

Implementation of the authentication client follows with topics such as login and logout procedures and information regarding subsequent access to Single Sign-On (SSO).

An example on compiling the module and Web application is outlined, as is module, service and Web application deployment. Shen and Zhu then follow with steps on executing the module. This example is based on a SolarisTM Operating System (Solaris OS) environment using the Sun Java Enterprise System Access Manager; Sun JavaTM Enterprise System Application Server 7, update 1 as the Web container; JDK version 1.3.1_06 or higher; PointBase relational database server; and GNU make as the build tool.

Concluding with tips and enhancements, the authors highlight debugging, controlling information volume, how to isolate errors and migrate the user information repository.

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