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27 Sep 2004
Authenticate Accesses to Web Apps Against Databases
Using Sun Java System Access Manager, JDBC Authentication Module

Sun Java System Access Manager 2004Q2 provides open, standards-based authentication and policy-based authorization with a single, unified framework. The Sun Developer Web site is hosting an article demonstrating how to use the Access Manager to authenticate accesses to Web applications against databases.
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27 Sep 2004
Integrating Sun Java System Access Manager with Oracle Application Server
Allows Implementation of SSO within Heterogeneous Environments

Authors Jennifer Glore, Prashant Srinivasan and Marina Sum recommend integrating Sun Java System Access Manager 2004Q2 with the Oracle Application Server 10g (9.0.4) so that Single Sign-On (SSO) can be implemented within a heterogeneous environment. Seven performance tasks are listed as benefits of Oracle Server.
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27 Sep 2004
"Using ctelnet in Sun Cluster Software with Secure Shell"
Tech Tip Offers Alternative Method to telnet

A tech tip from Vlad Grama describes how developers can use the ctelnet application in Sun Cluster software to connect to systems by using the ssh command. Grama notes that by using this method, users are offered flexibility from the telnet command and can create this configuration to run by default or indirectly.
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27 Sep 2004
"Installing and Using the Sun Java Desktop System"
Article Touches on Basics from User Experience

User experience often provides the best methods and advice when installing and using new software. Sun recognizes this fact and has posted a BigAdmin article from a reader who recently installed the Sun Java Desktop System. From downloading and burning CDs to project management, the author details his/her first-hand experience.
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