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Highlights of Sun's Quarterly Network Computing Launch
Multiple New Breakthrough Products, Services and Solutions
September 27, 2004,
Volume 79, Issue 5

More than 24 new technological innovations were introduced at Sun's quarterly Network Computer '04 (NC04Q3) launch this past September. The following is a recap of the major announcements.


  • The Sun StorEdgeTM 6920 system: a revolutionary midrange storage system that sets a new standard in scalability and price/performance [13684]

  • The Sun StorEdgeTM 9990 system: a new high-end enterprise storage platform with breakthrough virtualization, replication and data movement capabilities [13648]

  • The Sun StorEdgeTM 5210 NAS device: a heterogeneous file server storage device that integrates seamlessly with UNIX® and Microsoft Windows platforms [13697]

  • The SunSM Utility Computing for Midrange Sun StorEdge Systems: pay-as-you-go pricing that starts at USD$0.80/Sun power unit (SPU) per month and includes hardware, software, installation and support services [13534]


  • Sun StorEdge Traffic Manager software: to be integrated in the SolarisTM 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) so that additional storage resources can be automatically recognized, easing deployment and scaling abilities of a storage environment

  • Expanded solutions with the SunSM Software Express program: scheduled for released over the next 90 days in conjunction with the launch of Solaris 10 OS, which already offers N1TM Grid Containers, Predictive Self Healing, Dynamic Tracing (D Trace), ZFS and Project Janus (Linux/Solaris interoperability)

- SunTM Studio 10 software: to be launched in the coming quarter, is designed to meet developers' demanding performance needs for Solaris on AMD Opteron and Intel Nocona processor-based systems running 64-bit applications

  • Solaris 10 OS Developer Collection: a complete technology information, community and support program hosted by the SunSM Developer Network to accelerate developer adoption of the Solaris 10 OS.

  • General availability of the JavaTM 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5 (J2SETM 5), code named Project Tiger: the most significant upgrade to the Java platform and programming language since its initial release

  • A new update to SunTM Cluster software: Sun's high availability platform for improved predictability and resilience of business critical applications

  • The Sun-branded content-switch based on the Nauticus N2000 products: to be integrated with Sun's N1 management software, this new networking technology will add additional virtualization and resource optimization capabilities [13640].


  • The Sun FireTM V490 and Sun FireTM V890 servers: based on UltraSPARC IV Chip Multithreading (CMT) technology [13661]

  • The Sun FireTM V40z: a 4-way server with Solaris OS and capabilities to run Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux or Windows operating systems with Microsoft Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) certifications [13596]


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