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27 Sep 2004
Sun Achieves Top Results in Application Server Benchmark Results
Company Continues to Outperform Competitors in Price/Performance

Set to prove their leadership in price/performance, Sun announced results from SPECjAppServer2002 that demonstrates its systems continue to outpace the competition. These new record results were achieved with a configuration that included Sun Fire servers with AMD Opteron processors running BEA WebLogic application server software and hosting MySQL database.
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27 Sep 2004
Highlights of Sun's Quarterly Network Computing Launch
Multiple New Breakthrough Products, Services and Solutions

More than 24 new technological innovations were introduced at Sun's quarterly Network Computer '04 (NC04Q3) launch this past September. The following is a recap of the major announcements that included storage, software, servers and services.
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27 Sep 2004
Three New Implementations of RFID Solutions
Greater Access to Sun RFID Programs,Technologies

Three new Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions have been added to Sun's RFID portfolio in support of both its partners and customers. These new solutions include the Sun RFID offering for iForce Partners, the Sun RFID retail compliance program and an RFID warehouse management solution.
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28 Sep 2004
Balancing Costs, Complexity and Security
McNealy Addresses Today's Biggest Challenges

Effectively balancing both costs and complexity within advancing IT environments are the biggest challenges faced by all markets, but particularly governmental agencies restricted by tight budgets, compliance laws and the need for cutting-edge security, Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy told industry and government officials at The Commonwealth of Virginia Information Technology Symposium.
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30 Sep 2004
Top Ten Articles for Last 3 Issues
Vol 79 Issues 2, 3 and 4

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