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27 Sep 2004
Cultivating a Solaris and Linux Operating Environment
Sun's VP for Software Explains the Company's Objectives

Reiterating that Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) is not in competition with Linux, Sun's Vice President for Software John Loiacono says the company's lack of control over Linux, but with undeniable respect for the open-source platform, has led Sun to embrace both operating systems.
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30 Sep 2004
Java Technology Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry
iDrive Enhancing the Latest Lines of BMWs

Sun is providing BMW with computer technology that will extend past the Apple Computer iPod music players and could forever change the automotive industry. New lines of BMWs now have built-in software called iDrive that controls a car's audio system, navigation and the cabin's temperature, all regulated by a single knob.
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30 Sep 2004
Sun Drives Vehicle Loan Process to Top Speed
Web-based Systems Streamlines RouteOne Credit Application Management System

SunServices and RouteOne are streamlining vehicle application processes with Web-based technology that offers a highly secure system that transfers information faster with more accessibility, easing time and procedural constraints for vehicle financing. RouteOne's Credit Application Management System (CAMS) is currently being deployed to auto dealerships nationwide.
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30 Sep 2004
Principal Research Scientist with Sun Named Top Young Innovator
Dr. Robert Drost Recognized for his Work on Proximity Communication

MIT's Magazine for Innovation, Technology Review (TR), has named Dr. Robert Drost to its 100 Top Young Innovators for 2004. Drost is a principal research scientist with Sun and has led the study of a new chip-to-chip communication technology called "Proximity Communication" at Sun Labs.
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