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Sun Announces Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture Line
Will Support Both Solaris OS and Carrier-Grade Linux

Sun will debut an Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA)-compliant product family that will support both the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) and Carrier-Grade Linux operating systems. Announced during the ITU Telecom Asia 2004 held September 7-11, the release date for Sun's AdvancedTCA product line was not revealed.

Sun's CLDC HI, Jazelle Hardware Integrate for Java Mobile Devices
Enhanced Performance, Reduced Deployment Costs Expected
A long-term collaboration between Sun and ARM now will integrate software and hardware optimizations of Java technology-enabled mobile devices to enhance end-users' mobile experience by boosting computing power behind applications. This agreement was announced at the ITU Telecom Asia 2004 held September 7-11.
Sun Keeps Top Position in Worldwide HPTC Unit Shipments
Sun Surpasses All Competitors, Overall Market in Q/Q Unit Growth

The International Data Corporation (IDC), a global market intelligence and advisory firm for IT and telecommunications industries, reports in a quarterly review released this month that Sun's leadership position in the high performance and technical computing (HPTC) market has remained solid.

Sun's Network Storage Division Unrivaled in UNIX Disk Storage Systems
IDC Reports Strong Year-over-year Increase in Storage Units

Within the UNIX disk storage system, IDC's Q2-2004 Worldwide Disk Storage Systems Quarterly Tracker reports Sun the unrivaled leader in factory revenue, terabytes and units shipped. Sun also maintained its first place status for UNIX units, gaining 12.8 points of market share, year-over-year.

Top Ten Articles for Last 3 Issues
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Each week, we determine which articles have been most frequently referenced by logged-in subscribers to provide you with the most popular articles of the current and last volumes. The top articles for the three most recent issues were:

Sun is a Problem for Red Hat, Not Linux
Schwartz Defines the Open Source Platform for the Media

Should GNU or Linux feel threatened by vendors utilizing its open source platform? According to Sun President and COO Jonathan Schwartz, the answer is a resounding no. In his September 1, 2004, blog, Schwartz objects to recent headlines published by and CNET that infer Linux should be wary of Sun.

Promotional Pricing on Sun's Systems with AMD Opteron Processors
Discounts on Select Workstations, Servers, Development Tool
Sun is offering up to a 50 percent discount on select Sun products targeted at Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP)* and Microsoft Certified System Engineers (MCSE)*. Plus, all customers can receive up to a 25 percent discount on multiple-unit purchases of the Sun Fire V40z server.
KTF Licenses Java Technology for Mobile Data Services
WIPI Closer to Becoming Korea's Official Wireless Internet Platform

Korea Telecom Freetel (KTF) has licensed Java technology from Sun for its mobile data services to support Korean mobile operators. This contract will complete KTF's transition to Wireless Internet Platform for Interoperability (WIPI), which is becoming the principle mobile Internet platform in Korea.

Sun's Hardware Roadmap, Server Market and Competition Analyzed
Interview with Sun Malaysia Managing Director Cheam Tat Inn

Managing Director of Sun Microsystems Malaysia Cheam Tat Inn recently discussed his views on Sun's hardware roadmap, Sun server market and how the company compares to rival vendors, during an interview with Business Computing reported by eMedia.

Free and Open Source S/W
Yankee Group Reports Linux Adoptions Increasing
Thirty-two Percent of Corporations are Serious about Linux

The Yankee Group reports that 32 percent of business are either adopting or adding Linux operating systems into their IT environment. This recent survey showed Linux as the primary replacement for Windows operating systems and is even being leveraged by business that are relatively satisfied with Windows.

Cash Rewards Offered to Security Bug Bounty Hunters
Mozilla Foundation Pays Users Reporting Security Risks
A $500 cash prize will be awarded to users who identify and report security vulnerabilities in Mozilla software. This initiative called the Mozilla Security Bug Bounty Program was launched last month by the Mozilla Foundation and is being funded by Linux software developer Linspire, Inc., and Internet entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth.
Sam's "Teach Yourself All In One"
Step-by-step Guide Targets Microsoft Office Users
Sam's "Teach Yourself All in One" is a task tutorial, starter kit designed to teach Microsoft Office users how to get 1.1 up and running quickly. This step-by-step book provides instruction on utilizing the most important features of productively.
Newly Elected Members Join OASIS Board of Directors and TAB
International Standards Consortium Adds Nine New Members

The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) recently elected members for its Board of Directors and Technical Advisory Board. The new directors include Mike DeNicola of Fujitsu; Edward Cobb of BEA Systems; Colin Evans of Intel; Frederick Hirsch of Nokia; and Jeff Mischkinsky of Oracle.

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