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Wall Street Financial Institutions Offered Taste of Solaris 10 OS
Trial Run of Sun's New OS Impressing Financial Services Market

Sun is recultivating its ties within the financial arena by offering its upcoming Solaris 10 Operating System (Solaris OS) along with installations of its Opteron-based servers to financial firms on Wall Street. Seven Wall Street firms and several European companies are currently running Solaris 10 OS trials.

Today's Mobile Society Presents New Security Issues
Sun CIO Bill Vass Explains How to Ensure Mobility with Security
Accessing the digital domain -- email, the Internet, applications and files -- anywhere at any time from a variety of devices has opened the door to innumerable business opportunities as well as security opportunists. Bill Vass, Sun CIO and senior vice president, recently addressed these new security issues facing today's mobile society.
E-Training Offers Valuable Benefits for Employees
Increased Productivity, Employees More Likely to Stay with their Current Employer

Surveys show that today's employees are eager and ready for more training, even though employers haven't budgeted to provide them with the opportunity. Despite the reluctance, employees are both more likely to stay with their employer and can offer increased productivity when given additional training. Some companies are turning to e-training to take advantage of low costs and high rewards.

    Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Upgrades with Sun
    Surge in Tourism and Permit Applications Leads to Greater Storage Needs

    The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has recently seen a surge in tourism and permit applications. As a result, the authority found its Sun Microsystems E450 server with 300GB of DOS storage no longer up to the task. An article from Australian IT explains the authority's predicament and solution.

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