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Sun UK Shines with a 12 Percent Growth in Business
UK Managing Director Shares Insights on this Success

Sun's UK Managing Director Leslie Stretch attributes the company's focus on software and the public sector for its first reported growth in sales within the past three years. In an interview with Computing's Bryan Glick, Stretch discusses the company's recent revenues, strategies and the new UK management team.

James Gosling Discusses the Ownership of File Formats
Specification Could Allow Applications to Maintain a Record of Changes
In an article at, author Michael Singer discusses the recent words of Sun's CTO of the Developer Project Group at Sun, James Gosling. The Java programming language master indicated that it is time for a specification that allows the ownership of file formats to remain intact, despite other types of modification.
Sun Engineer Provides an Update on Project Looking Glass
A Developer's Version Should be Available Soon

To get a better idea of how Sun's Project Looking Glass will kick off the next generation of desktop computing, Sean Bacher of Computerworld spoke to Craig Nicholas, a technical support engineer at Sun. Nicholas explained how Project Looking Glass was developing and explained that a developer's version will be available soon.

Sun Earns High Marks for the 2004 Olympic Games
Athens International Airport Relies on Sun Solutions for Superior, Safe Connections

Sun technology has taken center stage in Athens with its recent project at the Athens International Airport (AIA) involving the deployment of an advanced internal communications portal that supplies more than 1000 airline and airport employees with single sign-on access to vital operational information.

Inexpensive Open Source Solution Allows Users to Capture Signatures
"Scratch" Uses the J2ME Platform and a Palm Device
The technical article "Scratch" by Scott Davis is designed to describe the open source solution that enables a user to capture signatures on a cheap, touchscreen-enabled Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) device. Scratch has only a bare minimum of requirements: CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 1.0.
"Developing Web Applications with JavaServer Faces"
Better Functionality and Usability with JavaServer Faces Technology

A recent article from Sun describes how to develop Web applications with JavaServer Faces (JSF) technology. Prior to JSF technology, developers would often have to rely on the construction of HTML user interface components with servlets or JavaServer Pages (JSP). The rich user interfaces now available offer better functionality and usability.

New Chats Available from Sun's Java Technology Developer Web Site
Chats Discuss UML Modeling and the Java Community Process

Several new Java technology chats are available for download at the Java developer Web site. The most recent covers the J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.2, which is currently available as a Beta release. The toolkit adds support for the Mobile 3D Graphics API.

"EJB QL in Sun Java System Application Server 8 and J2EE 1.4 SDK"
Includes Key Syntaxes Supported by Sun Java System Application Server 8

Authors Shing Wai Chan and Marina Sum have written an article that outlines the history and benefits of Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) Query Language (QL) along with the concepts of finders and selectors. The document also cites key syntaxes supported by Sun Java System Application Server 8, and offers illustrations of them through examples.

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