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Is the UNIX Standard Certification Worth It?
The Process, Time and Costs Involved with Certification
A recent article from, "Can GNU ever be Unix?," examines the UNIX standard certification and those products that are currently certified. Author Jem Matzan outlines the process involved, then speculates on whether its worth it for a company to certify its product.
Wireless Chip Connections to Answer the Need for Higher Bandwidth
Sun Labs Working Toward "Proximity Communication" Technology

Will chips ever be able to communicate to each other without circuit boards or wires? If it's up to Sun Labs, chips certainly will. Named "proximity communication," Sun Labs is working diligently to perfect this type of technology that will allow one chip to transmit signals directly to another one alongside it.

Jonathan Schwartz Explains Sun's Contrarian Approach
Sun Java Desktop System Success Proves Them All Wrong
A recent Sun "Contrarian Minds" article focuses on Sun President and COO Jonathan Schwartz. Schwartz himself explains how Sun is a contrarian player in the industry with products like its Sun Java Desktop System, which was a strategy that ran counter to what industry analysts were suggesting.
Increase in Hetergeneous Environments Calls Sun to Action
Sun's Group Manager of x86 OS Discusses Solaris 10's Project Janus

The operating system within the IT industry is still of vital importance to industry sectors worldwide. With the continual growth of heterogeneous environments, Sun knew its Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) needed to evolve to meet the needs of its users' ever-changing environments. Thus, became Solaris 10 OS and Project Janus.

Sun Java System
Two New Sun Java Software Downloads
Solutions for Retail and for Portal Developers

The Sun Java System RFID Software and the Sun Java System Portlet Builder 2.0, are now available for download.

Free Sun Java Enterprise System License for Companies with Less than 100 Employees
Some Terms and Conditions Apply to the Promotion

Sun is currently offering a promotional program, for a limited time, for those companies that have fewer than 100 employees and are interested in a Sun Java Enterprise System license. Companies can receive a free runtime license when they accept the program's terms and conditions.

Sun Java Enterprise System Promotion
Includes Sun Fire V20z Server and Solaris Operating System

Sun customers who purchase a one year subscription license for the Sun Java Enterprise System can now take part in a special promotion that allows them to enjoy a complete system offering that includes Sun Java Enterprise System software, the Sun Fire V20z server, the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) (x86 Platform Edition) and more.

New Sun Java Developer Workstation, Enterprise Promotion
Three Year Subscription at a Reduced Price of Only $1,499 Per Year

Sun Developer Network (SDN) program members can, for a limited time, enjoy a three year Sun Java Studio Enterprise subscription at a reduced price of only US$1,499 per year. Members will also receive a free Sun AMD Opteron processor-based workstation, the Solaris 9 Operating System (Solaris OS) and SunSpectrum Silver support.

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