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Really Simple Sydication and Web Communication -- What Does the Future Hold?
An Interview with XML Pioneer Tim Bray
Tim Bray, director of Web Technologies in the office of Sun's software CTO, was earlier one of the three editors of the XML 1.0 specification and the author of the first XML parser. His current responsibilities at Sun involve incorporating blogging software and content syndication based on the Really Simple Syndication (RSS) format into Sun's software line. He spoke with Janice J. Heiss about this development.
Jon Bosak Champions Universal Business Language
Not a Panacea Exactly, but a Solution that will Certainly Work

Jon Bosak believes in standards, which is good, because guiding universal business language (UBL) through the halls of the standards world is one of the biggest tasks facing this acknowledged father of XML.

    Once a "Social Movement," It's now Sun vs. RedHat
    Jonathan Schwartz on the Changing Linux Marketplace
    The tide has turned for Sun, as Jonathan Schwartz sees things. The Linux market, which was once populated by enough vendors to create "a blizzard of `distros,'" finds one principal competitor left standing, RedHat Linux. The earlier Linux market, which Schwartz characterizes as a "social movement," one that stemmed from a mutual commitment to open source, is now a matter of business and competition. The playing field has been leveled.
    Lend a Hand to LeafySeadragon: Cetacean Human Network
    In Other Words, Help Save the Whales (and Dolphins and Porpoises)
    Dana Nourie and Serge Masse report on an intriguing open source project, Leafy SeaDragon, a system designed for cetacean research that will create a worldwide Internet-based listening and two-way acoustics interaction system between cetaceans and humans. There is much development work to be done, and the authors invite your help.
    Java Technology
    Java Communications API Available as Two Downloads for Solaris Operating System
    Linux Drivers also Available

    The Java Communications API is available in two versions: 2.0.3 for Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) (SPARC Platform Edition) and 2.0 for Windows and Solaris OS (x86 Platform Edition). Both can be used to develop platform-independent communications applications for voicemail, fax and smart cards, and both are available for download.

    "Scaling J2EE Application Servers with Multi-Tasking Virtual Machine"
    Reducing Footprint and Startup Time with a Restructured J2EE Platform Server

    Developers often overlook one of the strengths of the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), namely the ability of a J2EE platform server to provide an operating environment for J2EE platform applications in the same way an OS provides an operating environment for traditional applications. The authors of "Scaling J2EE Application Servers with the Multi-Tasking Virtual Machine" explore this useful feature.

    "Java Cookbook, 2nd Edition"
    Revision Offers Code Samples in Learn-by-example Format
    Ian F. Darwin has published "Java Cookbook, 2nd Edition Full," which promises to save time and effort for developers who would otherwise be faced with the task of plowing through Java technology tutorials and expending their efforts on trial and error stabs at solutions. The book gets to the root of things and shows readers how to write the code they need.
    2004 JavaOne Conference Content
    Online Sessions Being Made Available Online
    PDFs from the 2004 JavaOne conference are now available free on JavaOne Online. Delivery of the multimedia sessions will begin over the next month, so users will want to check back often as sessions will be released on a daily basis.
    Free and Open Source S/W
    JBoss Application Server Successfully Completes Compatibility Tests
    Solution Assesses Compatibility with Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition Specifications

    JBoss has become the first company to support an application server that is completely Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) version 1.4 compatible. The J2EE Compatibility Test Suite, from Sun Microsystems, is designed to be a comprehensive test suite for assessing compatibility with J2EE technology specifications.

    Nokia Selects the NetBeans Platform
    Platform will Help Offer a Solution for Managing Mobile Networks and End-user Services
    Nokia has chosen the NetBeans platform based on several of its key features. The Nokia NetAct will make use of the technology's plug-and-play concept, windowing system, active development and swing compatibility. Nokia NetAct offers customers a complete solution for managing mobile networks and end-user services.
    Trilogy Software Engineer Releases EMMA
    Open Source Java Technology Testing Toolkit

    A software engineer at Trilogy, a provider of industry-specific enterprise software and services, is releasing EMMA, an open source Java technology coverage tool designed to offer customers a toolkit that is lightweight, flexible and quick. The tool should stimulate the use of testing in Java technology development as well as the overall quality of coding.

    Calendar of Events
    Links to Articles on Upcoming Events

    This article is a calendar of upcoming events, with links to the articles about them. Click on the article numbers in the calendar to get more details about the event and how to register.

    COMDEX Korea 2004
    August 16-19, Seoul, Korea
    COMDEX Korea 2004 is coming up soon, August 16-19, in fact. The first three days of the conference will be closed to the public, and events will focus on activating the digital industry and the marketing promotion of IT industry; creating a flourishing business atmosphere; and enhancing exhibitor competitiveness through information sharing.
      PeopleSoft Connect 2004
      September 20-24, San Francisco, CA

      PeopleSoft Connect 2004 is the only user conference that gives you a complete offering of sessions for all three PeopleSoft product families: PeopleSoft Enterprise, PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne, or PeopleSoft World. Save the dates, September 20-24, in San Francisco.

      EDUCAUSE 2004
      October 19Â22, Denver, CO
      EDUCAUSE 2004 Annual is being billed as the premier IT event in higher education. This year's theme is, IT From a Higher Vantage Point. The conference is set for October 19-22 in Denver, Colorado.
        Clipper Group Analyst Sees Sun as Meeting Data Center Management Challenge
        Renewed Commitment to SPARC, Opteron Promises Much for the Future

        According to David Reine, analyst for The Clipper Group, the really hard part of an IT director's job is picking an IT mix that will be right for both the day the center goes online and for the demands it will face in the future. Sun has made the job easier with the release of its new UltraSPARC IV processor-based servers and the entries in its x86 product family, Reine says.

        Sun Microsystems Finance Zero Percent Lease
        24-month Leases on Sun Fire, Netra, Sun StorEdge Products

        Sun Microsystems Finance now offers a zero percent lease to users wishing to acquire the latest Netra, Sun Fire and Sun StorEdge systems. Running through December 31, 2004, the zero percent lease allows you to choose the Sun technology solution of your choice with no interest or finance charges for 24 months.

        Data Center Availability Features for High-End Servers: Sun BluePrints OnLine
        The Role of System Management Services 1.4.1 Software

        In his Sun BluePrints OnLine article "Data Center Availability Features for High-End Servers," Vasant Butala describes the System Management Services (SMS) 1.4.1 software features that enhance high-end server availability. The article applies in particular to the Sun Fire E20k, E25K, 12K and 15K servers.

        Earthquake Kit for Sun Fire 6800 Server Gives NEBS 4 Protection
        Now Factory Installable by Sun Customer Ready Systems

        The Sun Customer Ready Systems (CRS) Group can now factory install the rack earthquake restraint kit for the Sun Fire 6800 server, giving users in active earthquake areas NEBS zone 4 earthquake standards with their Sun Fire 6800 servers when correctly mounted to the floor.

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