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The Father of Java Technology Reveals its Conception
Gosling Reflects on this Revolutionizing Programming Language

James Gosling has been described as starting one of the most powerful of the industry's contrarian currents into motion with the creation of the Java programming language. According to Gosling, his inspiration for Java came by taking a step back, observing and absorbing the changing context of computing during the mid-90s.

Sun's Advanced Multimedia Technology Creates Unique Learning Environment
Experimedia Aids Users of State Library of Victoria

Australian school children, with the help of Sun technology, have access to a new multimedia style of learning environment called Experimedia. Sun's advanced multimedia technology challenges the way that these school children and other visitors access and interact with the State Library of Victoria's collection.

Gaming and Java Technology
Sun's Chief Gaming Officer Talks About the Latest Advances

Sun's Chief Gaming Officer Chris Melissinos recently discussed the role of Java technology in game development with Janice J. Heiss. According to Melissinos, the Game Technologies Group at Sun is attempting to satisfy game developers by providing APIs that offer a high-performance game experience.

Join Sun and Momentum Research Group's Technology Advisors Panel
Ongoing Forum to Explore Developments in IT Hardware and Software

Sun and Momentum Research Group want to know what you think about today's IT technology, tomorrow's developments and how Sun can make a difference for you and your business. Join the panel and you'll have an opportunity to experience and evaluate new products and services prior to release.

    Java Technology
    Bioinformatics Developers Look to BioJava to Decipher Human Genetic Blueprint
    Open Source Project Provides Java Technology-based Developer's Toolkit

    Mapping the human genetic blueprint is the next step genomic researchers are facing now that the Human Genome Project completed its task of generating massive amounts of volume data on the subject. Experts are relying on BioJava, an open-source, scalable, network-aware cross-platform to decipher a text of three billion characters.

    "Java Cookbook, Second Edition"
    Major APIs Covered Including JDK 1.5, Struts, Ant, Mac OS X
    Author Ian F. Darwin cuts to the chase in "Java Cookbook, Second Edition," offering insider tips, tricks, information on the latest third-party resources, helpful how-tos and dozens of new recipes on Java technology without lengthy explanations. This book covers the latest developments in Java technology including recipes for the newly released JDK 1.5 beta version.
    Java Technology Powers Vodafone live! Service
    Java Platform's Developer Base Ensures Customers of Latest Technology
    Wireless customers now rely on their mobile phones for the latest financial, sports, traffic and travel news, along with photographic capabilities, arcade gaming, online chatting, instant messaging and email updates, plus personalized ringtones and graphics -- all indicative of the power of Java technology.
    Sun Adds Extra Shot to Java Technology Branding
    Is There an Emmy in Sun's Future?

    Sun, in an effort to strengthen brand recognition for Java technology, is launching a series of 13 half-hour TV shows in the European market. The series will be called "Mobile Entertainment World." Phone service sellers in that market may join Sun in sponsorship of the series.

    Sun, DataDirect Technologies Agree on Marketing Connectivity Solution
    DataDirect Connect Enhances Connectivity in Development, Deployment
    DataDirect Connect, an advanced suite of Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API drivers -- the most widely deployed suite of third-party JDBC drivers on the market -- will now enhance the functionality and performance of the Sun Java Studio Creator and the Sun Java System Application Server solutions from Sun.
    VERITAS i3 APM Software Integrated with Sun Java Enterprise System
    Gives Users the Ability to Diagnose Problems Across all Application Tiers
    In a move that extends its already long-standing relationship with Sun, VERITAS Software Corporation announced that its VERITAS i3 application performance management (APM) software now supports the Sun Java Enterprise System.
    StorageTek, Sun Extend Commitment to Deliver Automated Tape Solutions
    Agreement Delivers the Goods for Enterprise, Midrange Consolidation
    Sun and StorageTek have signed an OEM partnership agreement under which Sun will market and sell StorageTek's StreamLine SL8500 array under its own Sun StorEdge brand, along with StorageTek's L-700e and L-180 tape libraries.
    Calendar of Events
    Links to Articles on Upcoming Events

    This article is a calendar of upcoming events, with links to each specific event article. Click on the article numbers in the calendar to get more details about the event and how to register.

    National Internet Conference & Education (NiCE)
    July 26-29, Jakarta, Indonesia
    The National Internet Conference and Education (NiCE) will be held at the Jakarta Hilton International Hotel on July 26-29. NiCE will be held in conjunction with APNICs training in July in Jakarta.
      Mobility Conference and Exhibition 2004 -- Mobile Java Technology
      August 2-4, Singapore
      The Mobility Conference and Exhibition 2004 is scheduled for August 2-4 in Singapore. This three-day conference includes both a conference segment and an exhibition component. The conference track will include plenary tracks, industrial workshop sessions and technical presentations.
      Game Server Technology, Improving Web Services Performance and Java Web Services Developer Pack 1.4
      Three Sun Online Chats in July

      On July 20, log on to the online chat covering Sun Game Server Technology, 11:00 A.M. PDT/6:00 P.M. GMT; also on July 20, Java Web Services Developer Pack 1.4, 11:00 A.M. PDT/6:00 P.M. GMT; and on July 29, Improving Web Services Performance through Fast Web Services, 10:00 a.m. PDT/17:00 UTC.

      Sun Developer Network Promotions
      Offer Includes Free Sun Fire V20z Server or Sun Workstation

      Sun is offering developers two attractive packages: the Sun Java Developer Workstation Enterprise Promotion and the Java Enterprise Developer Promotion. These offers are exclusives from the Sun Developer Network.

      "Programming Jakarta Struts, Second Edition"
      Fills the Gap in Jakarta Struts Documentation with a Focus on Essentials
      "Programming Jakarta Struts, Second Edition" by Chuck Cavaness fills the gap in documentation available for the increasingly popular platform. The book serves as a guide for developers wishing to use the Struts Framework to its fullest potential, sparing them a lengthy front-end presentation and ushering them instead on to coding the business logic at the heart of their programs.
      "Eclipse Cookbook" Gives Task-oriented Solutions to Mastering Development Tool
      Provides Java Technology Developers a New Approach to Problem Solving
      Steve Holzner has written "Eclipse Cookbook" to provide Java technology developers with a new approach to development projects. Rather than write plug-ins and extensions, readers will learn how to use the power and convenience of Eclipse to solve their problems.
      Java Verified Program Opens Door to Huge Marketing Opportunities
      Now World's Largest Single, Simplified Testing Program

      The Java Verified Program, developed by the Unified Testing Initiative, is the de facto standard promotion and distribution program for mobile Java technology developers and, according to Sun's Greg Wolff, "...the single largest testing program in the world."

      Sun Labs and ZISC Collaborate on Secure, Self-managed Storage
      Diverse Experts Take on Challenge that is Project Celeste

      Sun Labs is collaborating with Zurich Information Security Center (ZISC) to create a storage solution that not only is efficient, but is also secure. Project Celeste aims to provide automatically managed secure storage and is under development with both Sun Labs and ZISC working together toward this goal.

      "Security Guidelines for Vetting and Fielding Java Solutions"
      Vic Winkler on the Strengths of Java Technology for Enterprise Security

      Vic Winkler's paper on "Security Guidelines for Vetting and Fielding Java Solutions" makes the obvious but nonetheless necessary point that Java technology-based approaches to enterprise security are only as good as the weakest link in the system. Such is the case with every security system.

      Different Web Browser, Workarounds Suggested by US-CERT to Deal with IE Vulnerabilities
      Vulnerability Note Emphasizes Change Due to IE's Continual Problems
      The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) is recommending that users of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) consider trying a different Web browser due to the multiple security breaches that have occurred recently. Vulnerability Note VU#713878 states that due to a significant number of IE's vulnerabilities, switching Web browsers is a valid safety measure.
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